Dr. Uma Bhatt , Professor
Dr Uma BhattCourses taught

•ATM F101X Weather and Climate of Alaska
•ATM F446/646 Atmospheric Dynamics II: Climate Dynamics
•ATM F480/680 Climate Change Processes: Past, Present, Future
ATM F620 Climate Journal Club Seminar

Atmospheric Sciences course descriptions

Areas of concentration    

                                                                                   •Climate Variability & Change

email usbhatt@alaska.edu
phone number  907-474-2662
office locationAkasofu 315


Dr. Richard Collins, Professor
 Dr. Richard Collins 
  Areas of concentration

   •Laser remote sensing of atmospheres




phone number  907-474-7607
office location Akasofu 301


Dr. Javier Fochesatto,Associate Professor and Department Chair
Dr Javier FochesattoCourses taught 

•ATM F415/615 Cloud Physics
•ATM F673 Introduction to Micrometeorology
•ATM F699 Thesis

Atmospheric Sciences course descriptions

Areas of concentration 

•Boundary Layer Meteorology

email gjfochesatto@alaska.edu
phone number  907-474-7602
office locationAkasofu 317


Dr. Nicole Mölders, Professor
 Dr. Nicole MöldersCourses taught

•ATM F401/601 Introduction to Atmospheric Sciences
•ATM F425/625 Physical Hydrometeorology
•ATM F621 Introduction to Computational Meteorology
•ATM F662 Numerical Modeling and Parametrization Methods
•ATM F678 Mesoscale Dynamics
•ATM F688 Atmospheric Sciences Informal Seminar

Atmospheric Sciences course descriptions

                                     Areas of concentrations

 email cmoelders@alaska.edu                                •Mesoscale and land-surface modeling                          
phone   907-474-7910
office location Akasofu 309


 Dr. Igor Polyakov, Professor
 Dr. Igor PolyakovCourses taught

•ATM F445/645 Atmospheric Dynamics
•ATM F658 Air-Sea INteractions
•ATM F610 Analysis Methods  in Meteorology and Climate

Atmospheric Sciences course descriptions

Areas of concentration


email ivpolyakov@alaksa.edu                                
phone number  907-474-2686
office location Elvey 408G



Dr. Xiangdong Zhang, Professor
Dr. Xiangdong ZhangCourses taught

 Atmospheric Sciences course descriptions

Area of concentration

•Climate and Global Change


email  xzhang9@alaska.edu
 phone number    907-474-2675
office location  Akasofu 313