Program Review Redesign

From January 2021 to early spring 2022, UAF's academic program review process underwent an extensive process improvement evaluation and revision effort, led by the UAF Process Improvement & Training (PIT) crew.

The process improvement effort was

  • Supported by the UAF Faculty Senate
  • Inclusive of multiple stakeholder groups with experience in academic program review, including academic faculty, former review committee members, administrators of academic units, and staff from contributing offices such as accreditation and assessment, institutional research, and deans' offices
  • Thorough in reviewing and documenting all steps and stages in the former program review process and targeting areas for improvement
  • Transparent, with multiple requests for participation and input from the UAF community to shape the work or give feedback

Spring and summer of 2022 were devoted to implementing the redesigned process, which will begin in fall of 2022. Major changes incorporated into the new process are

  • A four-year review cycle, which integrates student learning outcomes assessment reporting and includes a mid-cycle check-in review in the second year
  • Stronger focus on student success and supporting program improvement, with disaggregated student data where possible to promote addressing equity
  • Reviews conducted by a committee in each college/school, with the option to refer programs to a university-wide committee if needed
  • An online departmental portal for submitting the report and accessing departmental data, and portals for the committees reviewing the submissions

‚ÄčThe Academic Program Review process improvement team prepared a report and a shorter summary of the overall changes and results.

  • Amber Leytem, UAF PIT Crew
  • Briana Walters, UAF PIT Crew
  • Amy Bristor, UAF PIT Crew
  • Michelle Strickland, Office of Accreditation & Assessment
  • Leah Wrenn Berman, Department Chair, Mathematics & Statistics
  • Mark Herrmann, Dean, College of Business and Security Management
  • Sarah Stanley, Faculty Fellow in Accreditation & Assessment and Associate Professor of English
  • Sheena Tanner, CRCD Fiscal Officer
  • Alex Fitts, Vice Provost, Office of Accreditation & Assessment
  • Nicole Lamers, Office of Planning, Analysis and Institutional Research
  • Madara Mason, Associate Director of Teaching & Learning, Faculty Development
  • Heather Foltz, Fiscal Officer, College of Liberal Arts
  • Chantelle McGinness, Director, Office of Planning, Analysis and Institutional Research
  • Carrie Baker, Professor and Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts
  • Lisa Yancey, CRCD Academic and Administrative Affairs Manager
  • Keith Swarner, Associate Dean, Community and Technical College
  • Bryan Uher, Dean, College of Rural and Community Development
  • Jana Canary, Office of Planning, Analysis and Institutional Research
  • Trent Sutton, Professor and Associate Dean of Academic Programs, CFOS
  • Meryem Udden, Governance Manager and Faculty Senate Coordinator
  • Veronica Plumb, Faculty Senate Former Program Review Committee Chair, CRCD
  • Cecilia Chamberlain, CRCD Executive Officer
  • Kelly Ott, Office of Planning, Analysis and Institutional Research
  • Md Azizul Islam, Office of Planning, Analysis and Institutional Research