Welcome from the Director, Walter Skya, Ph.D.

In an increasingly globalized world, it is imperative that our students, as future leaders, be cognizant of Asia's experience in world history and its relevance in shaping the present and future.  In this vein, the newly redirected Asian Studies Program at the University of Alaska Fairbanks is designed to provide students with a solid background in Asia-Pacific affairs, an awareness of contemporary issues affecting the region, and a robust analytical tool kit capable of helping forecast future developments in Asia.

The Asian Studies Program is an interdisciplinary minor that has historically been served by faculty members from the Departments of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Political Science, Philosophy and Humanities, and History in the College of Liberal Arts (CLA); the Department of Geography in the School of Natural Resources and Agriculture Science (SNRAS); and faculty members and staff in the various schools and colleges from across the campus such as from the College of Business and Security Management (SOM) and the College of Engineering and Mines (CEM).   Students can also earn credit for their Asian Studies minor through a study abroad program.

Students who have done a minor in Asian Studies include majors from diverse areas such as information technology and mechanical engineering as well as from all the degree programs in the College of Liberal Arts, and after graduation have obtained good jobs in industry such as with Boeing, the world's largest aerospace corporation.  It is also possible to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in Asian Studies through the Interdisciplinary Studies degree.  (For more information please contact the Graduate School and Interdisciplinary Programs office.)

Faculty affiliated with the Asian Studies Program have achieved international recognition for their research and scholarship, and have had the personal experience of living, studying, researching, and working in East Asia.