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Haldorson, Lewis J., Professor of Fisheries, Emeritus. University of Minnesota '63, B.A.; University of California, Santa Barbara '73, M.A.; '78, Ph.D. (1980-2001).

Hales, David A., Professor of Library Science, Emeritus. Brigham Young University '66, B.S.; Drexel University '68, M.L.S.; University of Pennsylvania '72, M.A. (1972--1995).

Hallinan, Thomas J., Professor of Geophysics, Emeritus. Cornell University '64, B.S.E.E.; University of Alaska '69, M.S.; '76, Ph.D.

Haneman Jr., Vincent S., Dean of the School of Engineering, Emeritus and Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Emeritus. Massachusetts Institute of Technology '47, B.S.; University of Michigan '50 M.S.E. (AE); '56 Ph.D. (AE). (1980--1991).

Harbo, Samuel J., Professor of Wildlife Management and Biometrics, Emeritus. University of Nebraska '51, B.S.; University of Alaska '58, M.S.; North Carolina State University, Raleigh '72, Ph.D. (1964--1986).

Harrison, William D., Professor of Physics, Emeritus. Mt. Allison University '58, B.Sc.; University of London '60, B.Sc. (Special); California Institute of Technology '66, Ph.D. (1972--1998).

Hawkins, Daniel B., Professor of Geology and Chemistry, Emeritus. Montana State College '56, B.S.; '57, M.S.; Pennsylvania State University '61, Ph.D. (1967--1990).

Head, Thomas J., Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science, Emeritus. University of Oklahoma '54, B.S.; '55, M.A.; University of Kansas '62, Ph.D. (1965--1988).

Hessler, Victor P., Professor of Geophysics, Emeritus. Oregon State University '26, B.S.; Iowa State University '27, M.S.; '34, Ph.D. (1955--1968) Deceased.

Hollerbach, Wolf, Professor of French and Spanish, Emeritus. Universite de Rennes '61, Doctorat d'Universite, University of Bonn '62, Wissenschaftliches Staatsexamen. (1965--1988).

Hood, Donald W., Professor of Marine Science, Emeritus. Pennsylvania State University '40, B.S.; Oklahoma State University '42, M.S.; Texas A&M University '50, Ph.D. (1965--1978) Deceased.

Hopkins, David M., Distinguished Professor of Quaternary Science, Emeritus. University of New Hampshire '42, B.S.; Harvard University '48, M.S.; '55, Ph.D. (1985--1994) Deceased.

Hoskins, Leo Claron, Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus. Utah State University '62, B.S.; Massachusetts Institute of Technology '65, Ph.D. (1965--1994).

Hunsucker, Robert, Professor of Electrical Engineering, Emeritus and Professor of Physics, Emeritus. Oregon State University '54, B.S.; '58, M.S.; University of Colorado '69, Ph.D. (1971--1987).

Hunt, William, Professor of History, Emeritus. Seattle University '51, B.S.S.; University of Washington '58, J.D.; '66, M.A.; '67, Ph.D. (1967--1979).

Husby, Fredric, Professor of Animal Science and Dean, Emeritus. Washington State University '66, B.S.; '69, M.S.; '73, Ph.D. (1975--2001).

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