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Wadlow, Joan K., Chancellor, Emerita; and Professor of Political Science. University of Nebraska '53, B.A.; Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy '56, M.A.; University of Nebraska '63, Ph.D. (1991--1999).

Walker, Cynthia L., Associate Professor of English, Emerita. Denison University '70, B.A.; Purdue University '72, M.A.; '74, Ph.D. (1977--1997).

Weeden, Robert B., Professor of Resource Management, Emeritus. University of Massachusetts '53, B.S.; University of Maine '55, M.S.; University of British Columbia '59, Ph.D. (1967--1990).

Weeks, Wilford F., Professor of Geophysics, Emeritus. University of Illinois '51, B.S.; '53, M.S.; University of Chicago '56, Ph.D. (1986--1996).

Weller, Gunter E., Professor of Geophysics, Emeritus. University of Melbourne '62, B.S.; '64, M.S.; '68, Ph.D. (1968--1997).

Wells, Minnie, Professor of English, Emeritus. University of Missouri '25, B.S.; New York University '38, Ph.D. (1945--1971) Deceased.

Wendler, Gerd, Professor of Geophysics, Emeritus. University of Innsbruck '64, D. Phil. (1966--1999).

Wescott, Eugene, Professor of Geophysics, Emeritus. University of California, Los Angeles '55, B.A.; University of Alaska '60, M.S.; '64, Ph.D. (1958--1997).

West, Sharon M., Director of Libraries and Information Technology, Emerita and Professor of Library Science, Emerita. University of Southern Colorado '69, B.S.; University of Denver '70, M.A. (1973--1997).

White, Robert Gordon, Director of the Institute of Arctic Biology and Professor of Zoophysiology and Nutrition, Emeritus. University of Melbourne '62, B.Agr.S.; University of New England '68, M.Rur.S.; '73, Ph.D. (1970--1998).

Whitehead, John S., Professor of History, Emeritus. Yale '67, B.A.; '69, M.A.; '71, Ph.D.; University of Cambridge '72, M.A. (1978--1999).

Wiese, Craig S., Professor of Fisheries, Emeritus. Oregon State University '66, B.S.; '74, M.S.; '76, M.B.A. (1977--1997).

Williamson, Francis S. L., Director of the Institute of Arctic Biology, Emeritus. San Diego State University '50, B.S.; University of California, Berkeley '55, M.A.; Johns Hopkins University '68, D.Sc. (1986--1992).

Wilson, Charles R., Professor of Physics, Emeritus. Case Institute of Technology '51, B.S.; University of New Mexico '56, M.S.; University of Alaska '63, Ph.D.

Wilson, William S., Head, Department of General Science, and Professor of Chemistry and General Science, Emeritus. Brown University '31, B.Sc.; '34, M.Sc.; Yale University '36, Ph.D. (1947--1972) Deceased.

Wood, Margaret K., Director of the Bristol Bay Campus, Emerita. University of Washington '59, B.S.; University of Oregon '68, M.S.; '77, Ph.D. (1979--2004).

Wood, William R., President Emeritus. Illinois College '27, A.B.; '60, LL.D. (Hon.); University of Iowa '36, M.A.; '39, Ph.D. (1960--1973) Deceased.

Wooding, Frank, Professor of Agronomy, Emeritus. University of Illinois '63, B.S.; Kansas State University '66, M.S.; '69, Ph.D. (1970--1993) Deceased.

Woodward, Kesler E., Professor of Art, Emeritus. Davidson College '73, B.A.; Idaho State University '77, M.F.A. (1981--2000).

Wright, Gordon B., Professor of Music, Emeritus. College of Wooster '57, B.M.; University of Wisconsin '61, M.A. (1969--1989).

Wyss, Max, Wadati Professor of Seismology, Emeritus. Fed. Inst. Tech., '64, diploma; California Institute of Technology '67, M.S.; '70, Ph.D. (1991--2002).

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