Anthropological Papers of the University of Alaska

To: Anthropology Colleagues

From: Ben Potter, General Editor

RE: New APUA website

The Department of Anthropology, UAF has a new website for Anthropological Papers of the University of Alaska (APUA). APUA is a peer-reviewed journal highlighting topics of northern anthropology. The URL is:

The website has everything you need related to the journal, including a list of back issues, an online order form, and subscription information.

We have also made available free digital copies of legacy volumes (e.g., 1952-1969).


Ben A. Potter, Associate Professor of Anthropology, General Editor of APUA

University of Alaska Fairbanks


Call for Submissions

APUA editors are accepting original manuscripts, including monographs, special issues (e.g., conference proceedings), and research articles. Contact the appropriate Associate or General Editor for specific questions regarding submissions.

Ben Potter, General Editor

Patrick Plattet, Associate Editor (Sociocultural Anthropology)

Kara Hoover, Associate Editor (Biological Anthropology)

Jamie Clark, Associate Editor (Archaeology)

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