network-map-2018Collaborate, learn, and share with experts in your field from institutions across the Arctic!

The UArctic thematic networks are 48 diversified research groups with a circumpolar north focus that offer additional advantages, value, and opportunities to students, researchers, and their institutions: 

  • Each thematic network includes on average about 10-15 researchers, faculty, and experts in a specific filed, commonly from all 8 Arctic nations, but also from other non-arctic institutions with a high interest in Arctic matters.

  • As part of UArctic, those networks are therefore advertised to, recognized, and closely followed by indigenous organizations, the Arctic Council and Arctic Council permanent participants, the UN Environment Program, the International Arctic Social Sciences Association, the Arctic Research Consortium of the US (ARCUS), the UNESCO, amongst others.

  • UArctic's north2north mobility program is the only student exchange program that offers study abroad opportunities in all arctic nations - giving your students a unique chance to learn more about the north, compare issues and findings, and bring new ideas and concepts back to Alaska, ensuring it is always one step ahead in Arctic knowledge, research, and innovations.
  • As the largest international educational network, UArctic receives news of funding opportunities on a regular basis, and ensures those are advertised to its membership.

  • Actively participating in a UArctic Thematic Network offers additional opportunities to develop international research projects with new access to international funding.

  • Being creative academically withing the networks, such as building joint international degree programs with other arctic institutions, would potentially offer access to international funding, as well as tie with UAF's efforts of developing additional online courses and increasing enrollment. 

  • Faculty from UArctic member institutions, such as UAF, can also Request a UArctic Support Letter for future funding applications.