Local Mileage

UAF employees and volunteers sometimes use their personal vehicle to accomplish university business such as visiting local markets or stores for supplies, traveling to alternative locations to instruct or visiting other organizations in the community as a part of an outreach program. Local travel is defined as business travel occurring within a 50 mile radius of one's home or duty station. In some cases, the university will reimburse the employee for these trips.

Local mileage rates are set in accordance with the federal rates and are updated each calendar year. Mileage for commuting from home to primary duty station is not reimbursable per IRS guidelines. Mileage is intended to cover fuel, repairs, wear and tear, etc. for the person's vehicle while it is being used for university-related work.


We are sunsetting the NextGen form previously used for reimbursement of local mileage and associated expenses (e.g., parking). 

Local mileage and parking reimbursements are now processed in Concur through the submission of an expense Report. 

  1. Use the Mileage Log (PDF) to record local mileage as it is accrued.
    1. If the log does not include odometer readings, Concur's mileage calculator feature or online mileage maps of the routes are required as backup.
    2. Entering mileage in Concur
    3. As a best practice, mileage and parking reimbursements should be submitted quarterly. 

Contact our office if you need assistance filing an expense Report.

  1. Advise employees (payees) to use the mileage log to record local mileage as it is accrued.
    1. This is required backup documentation for local mileage reimbursements. If odometer readings are not documented on the log, online mileage maps of the routes or Concur's mileage calculator are required as backup.