Group Travel

Group travel is defined as a trip during which one person (the group leader) assumes responsibility for the travel expenses of a group of travelers. This type of travel is common for class trips and athletic travel, but the reason for the trip can be any university business. 

Group Leader: Responsible for organizing, managing and expensing all components of the trip. We recommend that group leaders obtain a UA Travel Card to pay for trip expenses and work with CTM or our office to set up travel bookings.

Group Members: Responsible for providing the group leader with any required documentation for the trip.​

Travel Request

The Travel Request is submitted under the group leader and includes all trip expenses for themselves and their group members.

If a group member will act as a co-group leader (e.g. they intend to use their own UA travel card during the trip), they must also submit a Request for the trip. CTM can coordinate their airfare booking with the group’s if needed.


The group leader (or their delegate) contacts CTM directly for travel bookings. CTM can book a trip for an entire group under a single Travel Request.

  1. The group leader can use the “Group Travel Booking” spreadsheet to keep track of the information. If used, the spreadsheet is submitted to CTM and bcc’d to the Agency Card Administrator at Statewide. The Card Administrator needs the information to ensure all airfare expenses are applied to the group leader's account in Concur.
  2. If the spreadsheet is not used, CTM needs the travelers’ names as they appear on their ID as well as their birth date for each ticket. The Card Administrator needs notification about the ticketing for the group.


The group leader should use their UA Travel Card to pay for the group’s lodging. That way, all lodging expenses feed directly to their Concur account.

Alternatively, a travel coordinator may use their ProCard with approved waiver to pay for group lodging. For large groups, it is sometimes easier to process lodging through Procurement.

Meal & Incidental Expenses (M&IE)

The group leader has two options for handling M&IE for themselves and the group during the trip. They are reimbursed at actual meal costs OR the authorized per diem allowance, not both.

Per Diem Allowance
  1. The group leader can request a travel cash advance to cover the per diem for their group members
    1. Requires Cash Advance enabling before the Travel Request is submitted (contact our office for more information)
    2. Once enabled, Cash Advance is available on the Request Header
    3. If the advance is not requested with the trip Request, the group leader can still request one by directly contacting our office
  2. The group leader can also have Cash Advance enabled on their travel card
    1. Allows them to use their travel card to withdraw money from an ATM
    2. This is an option if the travel advance amount does not exceed their card limits
    3. Contact our office for more information
  3. Group per diem requires a sign off sheet specifying the amount of cash disbursement received by each group member; group leaders are advised to manage this during travel
  4. Group per diem is limited to the allowable amount for each group member at the business location rate
  5. The group leader can use their UA Travel Card during the trip for M&IE purchases
    1. All M&IE charges are considered “Per Diem Offset Meal”
    2. If they provide a member with per diem AND purchase them a meal, that meal is still considered “Per Diem Offset Meal”
Actual Meal Support
  1. The group leader uses their UA Travel Card or personal form of payment to pay for all M&IE at actual cost
  2. Group leader must obtain and attach itemized receipts for all M&IE purchases; cannot include alcohol purchases
  3. A sign off sheet is not required so long as the Request or expense Report clearly documents the names of group members on the trip

Hot Tip: Use the Travel Allowance feature on the Expense Report to precalculate the allowable M&IE rate before travel commences. Create a Report and enter the planned itinerary in the Travel Allowance. From there, document any excluded days or meals and select “Calculate Expenses” on the Expenses & Adjustments tab. Concur calculates the M&IE rate for the business location(s). After the trip ends, you can adjust the Travel Allowance based on any changes during travel.

Note: If a group member has a UA Travel Card, they should not use it to cover any travel expenses unless they intend to be a co-group leader. A cardholder's travel card charges are only reconcilable through an Expense Report on their own account. We cannot move their travel card transactions to the group leader's account.

Complete an Expense Report from the group leader’s Travel Request that includes all expenses for the group


  1. The group leader’s lodging costs are expensed as “Lodging” and itemized accordingly
  2. The group members’ lodging costs are expensed as “Group Lodging”
    1. If the group leader’s lodging is included in the group members’ lodging, the entire cost is expensed as “Group Lodging"
    2. Use single itemizations to separate any non-lodging costs (e.g. “Per Diem Offset Meal”)
  3. Use Payment Type “Prepaid by University” to document lodging paid on a ProCard or through Procurement

Per Diem Allowance

  1. If the group leader distributes cash per diem to the group members, use Expense Type “Group Per Diem” to document the amount(s) provided
    1. Requires a sign off sheet specifying the amount of cash disbursement received by each group member
    2. Limited to the allowable per diem for each group member at the business location rate
    3. Cannot exceed the total from the sign off sheet
  2. The group leader's per diem is applied via Expenses & Adjustments in the Travel Allowance, instead of included in “Group Per Diem” (since it is their allowable per diem and not part of the cash disbursement)

Actual Meal Support

  1. The group leader claims all M&IE purchases as reimbursable actual meal costs using Expense Type “Actual Meal”
  2. Each expense requires an itemized receipt and cannot include alcohol purchases
  3. The Report must include a Travel Allowance to calculate the allowable M&IE rate for the business location
    1. The total paid in meal actuals cannot exceed the total allowable per diem for the group
    2. Any overage is deducted from the group leader's reimbursement