Radiation Safety

General Information

Users of radioactive sources or materials for any purpose must comply with all applicable laws, regulations, university policies, and radiation safety procedures. These requirements are incorporated into the UAF Radiation Safety Program. There are several requirements which must be fulfilled before UAF personnel may acquire, transport, use, or dispose of any radioactive source or material.

Persons wishing to become an Authorized or Supervised User of radioactive materials should contact the UAF Radiation Safety Officer (RSO). The RSO will review the request and provide the necessary documents, including applications, exams, and copies of the Radiation Safety Manual and Authorized User’s Recordbook. All users must demonstrate knowledge of radioactive materials and their hazards, and may be required to take radiation safety training in order to meet this requirement.

Persons wishing to purchase a piece of equipment that emits x-rays (XRD, XRF, CT scanner, electron microscope, etc.) must register the device with the State of Alaska and pay an annual registration fee. Contact the RSO for more information.

Tritium Exit Signs

Self-powered exit signs containing tritium gas must be disposed of through EHSRM. Such signs are marked with a “Radioactive Materials” label. EHSRM must track each sign (by serial number) and document proper disposal.

If you damage a self-powered exit sign containing tritium gas, please contact the RSO immediately. Tritium gas will be released if the tubes inside the sign are broken.