Honors College Requirements

The Honors College accommodates entering freshmen, transfer students, and high-achieving UAF sophomores and juniors. The Honors College provides a flexible curriculum that can be completed by students in all majors. Many of the core curriculum courses have honors sections, and students are encouraged to complete as many of these core courses in honors sections as their schedules permit. In addition, students are welcome to work with individual professors to contract other upper division courses for honors credit.

Contracting a course involves creating alternate or additional assignments in the regular course that extend the student’s learning and provide greater challenge. Students must provide documentation of the contract by the third week of the semester. Finally, the Honors College will count up to 12 credits of international study toward a student’s honors credits. Those 12 credits should be upper division academic credits and should relate to the student’s major or minor. If not in the major or minor, the credits should add a unique component to the degree program that significantly extends the student’s learning.

Graduation Requirements

The Honors College accommodates both entering freshmen and transfer students.

  • Entering freshmen are expected to graduate as University Honors Scholars by completing 27 credits of Honors courses. Students who enter the program as sophomores are also encouraged to complete 27 credits of Honors courses.
  • Transfer students and UAF students who join Honors as juniors are expected to complete 12 credits of Honors courses and graduate as Honors Thesis Scholars.
  • All students must complete a capstone project or research-based thesis, and must have a cumulative GPA or 3.25 or higher. Graduating students must also complete a portfolio of their accomplishments.


In order to most efficiently complete the required courses, it is highly recommended that all honors students follow this schedule. To make good progress, students should complete a minimum of 6 honors credits a year.

Year 1

  • HONR F101, Introduction to Honors (1 cr)
  • Honors sections of core general classes that meet your major requirements and schedules

Year 2

  • HONR F201, Methods of Inquiry (2 cr)
  • Honors sections of core general classes that meet your major requirements and schedules

Year 3

  • HONR F381, Capstone Development (2 cr)
  • Study Abroad (optional)

Year 4

  • HONR F498, Research (at least 1-3 cr)
  • HONR F499, Thesis (at least 1-3 cr)

Classes that may be taken in any year:

  • HONR F290, Honors Summer Reading Program (2 cr)
  • HONR F293, Honors Seminar (3 cr) 

Students in Good Standing

To remain in good standing in the Honors College and be eligible for all program benefits, students must maintain at least a 3.25 GPA and be making good progress in completing honors courses. Making good progress in completing honors courses generally means that you take at least 6 credits of honors courses each year. If you accumulate more than that number of credits in your freshman and sophomore years, it is easier to take fewer in your junior and senior years.


Students whose cumulative GPA falls below 3.25 will be placed on probation. While on probation an honors student may not serve as an officer on the Honors Student Activities Council and is not eligible for Honors scholarships. Students on probation are still able to take honors classes and to participate fully in all other honors activities and events. We will work with students individually to help them return to good standing.


A student who is on probation for two consecutive semesters or who is not making progress toward completion of honors courses will be dismissed from the program. To be readmitted, the student must bring the GPA up to 3.5 and reapply. We will work with students individually to prepare them for re-entry into the Honors College.