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Nanook Navigator logoWhat is Nanook Navigator?

Nanook Navigator  is a collaborative program that brings together faculty, advisors, staff, and administrators to support students from enrollment to graduation and life-long success. Nanook Navigator integrates advising, early intervention, and success initiatives into the student experience.  

Staff & Faculty Advisorscan schedule appointments,  download student data, view advisor appointment summaries, issue an alert, create student lists, construct data searches, communicate with students, advisors and/or instructors, view progress reports, and more.

Instructors: are able to issue student alerts, view class listings, create progress reports, schedule appointments, create appointment summaries/reports, record attendance, create student lists, communicate with students and more.

Students: are able to view notes, schedule appointments, cancel appointments, check-in for drop-ins, view their advisors and success team, view their courses, and message faculty and staff. 

Tutors: are able to create students notes, create appointments summaries, view and manage appointments, utilize the appointment center and kiosk, and more. 

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  • 823 students downloaded and logged into the mobile app since 07/13/2022.
  • 16,689 appointments were created since 07/13/2022. Serving 4,941 individual students. 
  • 51,047 messages (email and sms) were sent since 07/13/2022.