UAF is home to the only Army Reserve Officers Training Corps in Alaska. The military science program is staffed with regular Army and Alaska National Guard officers and noncommissioned officers. The curriculum challenges students to develop interpersonal, mental and physical skills, cultivating leaders of character capable of bearing the responsibilities of tomorrow’s civil and military leadership positions.

The focus of ROTC is academic excellence and preparing leaders. All students enrolled in at least one course are assigned a faculty member to provide leadership and academic counseling.

ROTC offers a variety of resources, including scholarships, athletic teams and academic assistance. Neighboring Fort Wainwright offers students numerous opportunities to participate in military activities such as the Arctic biathlon competition, mentorships and recreational activities in an Arctic environment. For more information visit or call 907-474-7501.

Financial Assistance

Army ROTC provides financial assistance in the form of scholarships and stipends. The current stipend ranges between $300-$500 monthly depending on military science class level, and is tax free for all committed cadets. ROTC scholarships also pay 100 percent of tuition and mandatory fees and provide $900 annually for books and supplies. Scholarships are available for two to four years and may be used for graduate studies.

Army ROTC also offers partnership, or simultaneous membership, programs with the Reserves and National Guard. These partnerships provide a suite of financial assistance programs for ROTC cadets, including tuition assistance, GI Bill benefits, bonuses, stipends and pay. In addition, Army ROTC at UAF is granted a limited number of room waivers and chancellor’s tuition waivers for qualified students. For more information call 907-474-7501 or visit


The military science curriculum is an approved minor which includes credit for one writing- and one oral-intensive course. Classes, including outdoor skills labs, are offered every semester. Labs give students hands-on instruction in areas such as rappelling, skiing, first aid, land navigation and survival.

Army ROTC comprises two levels: the basic course followed by the advanced course. Credit for the basic course can be earned in three ways: by completing freshman and sophomore military science classes, by completing a four-week summer camp or by having prior military basic training. Students incur no obligation to Army ROTC or the Armed Forces during the basic course.

Students who complete the basic course may enter the advanced course, which is normally reserved for juniors and seniors pursuing a commission in the regular Army, Army Reserves or Army National Guard. For more information contact the Department of Military Science at 907-474-6852/7501, or .