College of Natural Science and Mathematics
Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Graduate Certificate, MS Degrees; Minor

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Statistics is a collection of methods and theories for making decisions or estimating unknown quantities from incomplete information. Statistical techniques are useful, for example, in estimating plant, animal and mineral abundances; forecasting social, political and economic trends; planning field plot experiments in agriculture; performing clinical trials in medical research; and maintaining quality control in industry. Employment opportunities are excellent for statisticians in many of these areas of application.


  1. Complete the following:
    STAT F200X--Elementary Probability and Statistics (3)
         or STAT F300--Statistics (3)--3 credits
    STAT F401--Regression and Analysis of Variance--4 credits
    MATH F371--Probability*--3 credits
    MATH F408--Mathematical Statistics--3 credits
    MATH, STAT or STAT related course work**--3 credits
  2. Minimum credits required--16 credits

* MATH F371 requires MATH F200X, F201X and F202X as prerequisites.

** e.g., BA F360, GEOS F430, ANTH F424, MATH F460, etc.

Note: Courses completed to satisfy this minor can be used to simultaneously satisfy other major or general distribution requirements.

Note: Fisheries majors selecting the research option need only complete MATH F371 and MATH F408 in addition to their fisheries requirements to obtain a minor in statistics.