Note: Admission to the AAS program is presently suspended.

Construction Trades Technology

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Certificate; AAS Degree

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Minimum Requirements for Certificate: 30 credits; for Degree: 70–73 credits

The construction trades technology program is designed to prepare students to work in the construction industry. The program prepares students for employment in areas where there is a projected shortage of skilled workers.

This program gives students fundamental knowledge of construction industry expectations in carpentry, facility maintenance and sustainable energy, as well as hands-on training. It responds to the skills targeted by Alaskan employers. Students completing the certificate program will have completed the first year of the AAS degree program. Graduates of the AAS degree program may pursue opportunities with employers as they acquire a higher level of residential construction trade and/or residential construction management skills.

A strong desire to work in the construction industry is important. Students must be willing to work collaboratively with industry employees in their local communities to fulfill the practicum components of courses.

Certificate Program

  1. Complete the general university requirements.
  2. Complete the certificate requirements. (As part of the certificate requirement, complete 3 credits each in the communication and human relations requirements.)
  3. Complete one of the following computation courses:
    CTT F106--Construction Mathematics (3)
         or TTCH F131--Mathematics for the Trades (3)--3 credits
  4. Complete the following program requirements:
    CTT F100--Construction Technology Core (3)
         or CTT F101--Basic Construction Safety (1)
         and CTT F102--Introduction to Hand and Power Tools (1)
         and CTT F103--Introduction to Blueprint Reading (1)--3 credits
    HLTH F122--First Aid and CPR--1 credit
  5. Complete one of the following concentrations:*
    1. CTT F110--Residential Carpentry–Level One (8.5)
           or CTT F111--Materials and Tools Used in the Trade (2.5)
           and CTT F112--Floor Systems, Wall and Ceiling Framing (2)
           and CTT F113--Roof Framing, Windows and Exterior Doors (2)
           and CTT F114--Introduction to Concrete Materials and Forms (2)--8.5 credits
    2. CTT F115--Residential Carpentry -- Level Two (12)
           or CTT F116--Reading Plans and Site Layout -- Level One (2)
           and CTT F117--Exterior Finish and Moisture Protection (2)
           and CTT F118--Roofing, Stairs and Metal Studs Applications (3)
           and CTT F119--Drywall and Interior Finish Applications (5)--12 credits
    3. CTT F199--Student Practicum I--1–3 credits
    Facility Maintenance
    CTT F130--Introduction to Facilities Maintenance--1 credit
    CTT F131--Interior Repairs: Drywall, Woodwork Trim, Window Replacement--1 credit
    CTT F132--Flooring Installations: Vinyl, Wood and Parquet--1 credit
    CTT F133--Cabinet Installation with Countertops--1 credit
    CTT F135--Boiler Troubleshooting and Burner Repair--2 credits
    CTT F137--Appliance Troubleshooting and Repair--2 credits
    CTT F138--Residential Heating Controls--2 credits
    CTT F151--Introduction to Plumbing Tools and Drawings--1 credit
    CTTF153--Plastic and Copper Pipe and Fittings--1 credit
    Other advisor approved electives related to the concentration--3 credits
    CTT F199--Student Practicum I--1–3 credits
    Students must take a minimum of 2 credits in CTT F199.

    Sustainable Energy
    1. DEVM F105--Intermediate Algebra--3 credits
    2. ENVI F220--Introduction to Sustainable Energy--3 credits
    3. Complete at least 9 credits from the following courses:
      CT S201--Cold Climate Construction (3)**
      CTT F100--Construction Technology Core (3)
      CTT F160--Photovoltaic Systems–Part 1 (5)
      CTT F161--Photovoltaic Systems–Part II (5)
      CTT F250--Current Topics in Construction Trades (1–3)
      ENVI F101--Introduction to Environmental Science (3)
      ENVI F120--Home Energy Basics (1)
      PHYS F102X--Energy and Society (4)
      or other advisor approved courses related to the concentration--9 credits
    4. CTT F199--Student Practicum I--1-3 credits
      Students must take a minimum of 3 credits in CTT F199.
  6. Minimum credits required--30 credits

* Students must earn a C- grade or better in each course.

** CT S201 is offered by University of Alaska Southeast.

Major -- AAS Degree

Note: Admission to the AAS program is presently suspended.

  1. Complete the general university requirements.
  2. Complete the AAS degree requirements. (As part of the degree requirements, complete CTT F106 or TTCH F131 for the computation requirement.)
  3. Complete the construction trades technology program (major) requirements.
  4. Complete one the following concentrations:*
    Residential Construction
    CTT F150--Plumbing -- Level One--4 credits
    CTT F155--Plumbing -- Level Two--8 credits
    CTT F170--Residential Electrical -- Level One--9 credits
    CTT F175--Residential Electrical -- Level Two--8 credits
    CTT F299--Student Practicum II--1.5 credits

    Residential Construction Project Management
    CIOS F150--Computer Business Applications--3 credits
    CM F205--Construction Safety--3 credits
    CTT F104--Basic Communication and Employment Skills--2 credits
    CTT F240--Introduction to Project Development for Rural Residential Construction--3 credits
    CTT F241--Introduction to Estimating, Cost Control, Quality Controls and Residential Construction--3 credits
    CTT F299--Student Practicum II--1.5 credits
    TM F105--Introduction to Tribal Finance Applications--3 credits
  5. Complete 3 credits of tribal management-approved electives from the following courses:
    TM F101--Introduction to Tribal Management (3)
         or TM F201--Advanced Tribal Management (3)
         or TM F205--Advanced Tribal Finance (3)
         or other CTT advisor-approved TM course (3)--3 credits
  6. Complete 6 additional credits of CTT elective courses not taken to fulfill the AAS requirement.--6 credits
  7. Minimum credits required--70–73 credits

* Students must earn a C- grade or better in each course.