Table of Substitutions: Non-UA institutions
This table describes courses accepted by transfer to UAF from institutions outside the University of Alaska system and that may substitute for UAF's core curriculum. Students transferring from either UAA or UAS should consult UA System 2014–2015 Table of Substitutions, or visit
Core Curriculum Courses Transfer Courses
MATH F103X--Concepts and Contemporary Applications of Mathematics, MATH F107X--Functions for Calculus or
MATH F161X--Algebra for Business and Economics
a 100-level or above mathematics course having a prerequisite of at least two years of high school algebra
MATH F200X, F201X, F202X, F262X, F272X, STAT F200X a calculus or statistics course at the 100 level or above
ENGL F111X--Intro to Academic Writing the required first-semester composition course at the 100 level (must be basic freshman composition and not developmental)
ENGL F211X--Academic Writing About Literature or
ENGL F213X-- Academic Writing About Soc and Nat Sciences
the second half of the introductory composition series at the 100-level or above
COMM F121X--Introduction to Interpersonal Communication COMM F131X--Fundamentals of Oral Communication Group Context or COMM F141X--Fundamentals of Oral Communication Public Context a 100-level or above performance course in fundamentals of speech communication, public speaking or small group communication
Natural Sciences–8 credits courses in basic natural sciences (biology, chemistry, earth sciences, physics) with labs, at the 100 level or above. Nonlab courses are transferable only as a second natural science course. To fulfill core requirements, a transfer student must complete two lab courses or two labs. Transfer of credit for courses in a natural science other than those listed requires approval of the dean of the College of Natural Science and Mathematics.
Perspectives on the Human Condition
HIST F100X--Modern World History introductory courses in different social sciences
ECON/PS F100X--Political Economy
ANTH/SOC F100X--Individual, Society and Culture
ENGL/FL F200X--World Literatures an introductory course in the humanities
ART/MUS/THR F200X, HUM F201X, ANS F202X--Aesthetic Appreciation an introductory course in the arts which does not stress skills acquisition
BA F323X, COMM F300X, JUST F300X, NRM F303X, PHIL F322X,
PS F300X--Ethics (Values and Choices)
an upper-division course in ethics, or, with approval of the Philosophy Department, a lower-division course in ethics
Library and Information Research (0–1 credit) a 100-level library skills course
Foreign Language (may be substituted for 6 credits of Perspectives on the Human Condition) two semester-length courses in a single Alaska Native language or other non-English language, or three semester-length courses (9 credits) in American Sign Language at the university level