Faculty and Emeriti

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Ma, Yilong—2001—Research Associate Professor (2004), IAB. China University of Science & Technology '70, BS; Wuhan University, China '82, PhD.

Madison, Curt J.—2002—Director, Center for Distance Education and Independent Learning (2002), CDE/CRCD. Stanford University '71, BA; University of Hawai'i '76, MA; University of Arizona '99, PhD.

Madsen, Eric C.—2003—Dean (2004); Associate Professor of Education (2003), SOE. Kalamazoo College '68, BA; University of Alaska Fairbanks '79, MAT; University of Oregon '83, PhD.

Magelky, Thane E.—1998—Assistant Professor of Drafting Technology (2008), TVC/CRCD.

Maier, Julie A.K.—1998—Term Assistant Professor of Math and Science (2005), IAC/CRCD. Midwestern State University '84, BS; '86, MS; University of Alaska Fairbanks '96, PhD.

Mamoon, Trina R.—1998—Associate Professor of Foreign Languages and Literatures (2005), CLA. People's Friendship University, Russia '84, MA; '93, MA; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign '97, PhD.

Mangusso, Mary C.—1974—Arthur T. Fathauer Chair of History (2007); Affiliate Associate Professor of History (1998), CLA. University of New Mexico '63, BA; '66, MA; Texas Tech University '78, PhD.

Mann, Daniel H.—1992—Assistant Professor of Geography (2008), SNRAS/AFES. University of Washington '75, BA; '78, MS; '83, PhD.

Manning, Kenneth—2006—Department Head (2006); Professor of Military Science (2006), CLA. East Tennessee State University '88, BS; Troy State University '01, MS.

Margraf, F. Joseph—1999—Professor of Fisheries (1999); Unit Leader (1999), AKCFWRU/SFOS/IAB. Cornell University '70, BS; Texas A&M University '77, MS; '78, PhD.

Marlow, Patrick E.—1995—Assistant Professor of Linguistics (2002), ANLC/CLA; SOE. University of Wisconsin-Madison '89, BA; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign '91, MA; '97, PhD.

Marr, M. Wayne—2004—Professor (2004), SOM. Texas Tech University '77, BA; Texas Tech University '80, MA; '83, PhD.

Mason, Charles W.—1990—Department Chair, Journalism (2007); Professor of Photojournalism (1999), CLA. Washington and Lee University '84, BS; Illinois State University '88, MS.

Mason Jr., Gordon (Joe) J.—1990—Associate Professor (2001), NWC/CRCD; Instructor of Computer Information and Office Systems, Independent Learning Program, CDE/CRCD. University of Notre Dame '74, BA; Iowa State University '89, MA.

Massa, James R.—1998—Instructor of Mathematics (2000); CDE/CRCD. Wagner College '81, BS; Franklin Pierre College '89; University of Alaska Fairbanks '95, MS.

Mathis, Jeremy T.—2007—Assistant Professor (2007), IMS/SFOS. McNeese State University '03, BS; University of Miami '06, PhD.

Matthews, Mary C.—1993—Director of Disability Services (2001), SES. Beloit College '74, BA; Pratt Institute '80, MPS.

Matusevich, Yelena—1998—Associate Professor of French (2002), Foreign Languages & Literatures, CLA. Russian State University '89, MA; University of Oklahoma '93, MA; University of Illinois '98, PhD.

Maxwell, David A.—2004—Assistant Professor of Mathematics (2005), CNSM. University of Waterloo, Canada '95, BS; University of British Columbia '97, MSc; University of Washington '04, PhD.

Maxwell, Howard E.—1990—Instructor of Anthropology, Independent Learning Program (1990), CDE/CRCD. University of Minnesota, BA; University of Alaska Fairbanks '87, MA.

Mayer, Charles E.—1989—Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering (1998), CEM. University of Texas at Austin '78, BS; '81, MSE; '83, PhD.

McBeath, Gerald A.—1976—Professor, Political Science (1982), CLA. University of Chicago '63, BA; '64, MA; University of California, Berkeley '70, PhD.

McBeath, Jenifer H.—1977—Professor of Plant Pathology/Biotechnology (1992), High Latitude Agriculture, SNRAS/AFES. National Taiwan University, Taipei '68, BS; University of California, Davis '70, MS; Rutgers University '74, PhD.

McCarthy, Paul J.—1999—Associate Professor of Geology (2005), CNSM; GI. University of Western Ontario '86, BS; '89, MS; University of Guelph '95, PhD.

McClellan, Janet E.—2007—Assistant Professor of Justice (2007), CLA. Park College '76, BA; University of Dayton '78, MPA; Northcentral University '08, PhD.

McConnell, Sarah S.—1993—Assistant Professor of Rural Human Services (2007), IAC/CRCD. University of Kentucky '72, BA; Loyola University Chicago '80, MSW.

McCracken, Kevin G.—2000—Associate Professor of Population Genetics (2006), CNSM; IAB. University of Notre Dame '94, BS; Louisiana State University '98, PhD.

McCrea, Scott J.—1999—Director of Marketing and Communications (2005), MC. University of Alaska Fairbanks '94, BA.

McEachern, Diane M.—2004—Assistant Professor of HUM and Coordinator of KuC Behavioral Health, KUC/CRCD. Southwest Missouri State University '84, BS; Arizona State University '98, MSW.

McGee, Sean E.—1987—Police Chief (2005), VCAS. University of Alaska Fairbanks '91, BA; FBI National Academy '00.

McGuire, A. David—1995—Professor of Landscape Ecology (2003); Assistant Leader (1995), AKCFWRU/CNSM/IAB. Cornell University '76, BS; '77, ME; University of Alaska Fairbanks '83, MS; '89, PhD.

McInnis, Susan E.—1982—Instructor of English, Independent Learning Program (2003), CDE/CRCD. University of Alaska Fairbanks '76, BA; '99, MFA.

McIntyre, Julie P.—1996—Assistant Professor of Statistics (2006), CNSM. Northwestern University '92, BA; University of Alaska Fairbanks '98, MS; North Carolina State University '03, PhD.

McKenna Trabant, Tonya D.—1997—Adjunct Faculty (2005), CDE/CRCD. University of Alaska Fairbanks '99, BA; '04, MA.

McLean, Deborah L.—1993—Director, Bristol Bay Campus (2002), BBC/CRCD. St. Petersburg Jr. College '77, AS; University of South Florida '79, BA; Oklahoma State University '89, MS; Memphis State University '92, EdD.

McLean, K. Diane—1985—Director, Intellectual Property and Licensing (1997), CRS. University of Alaska Fairbanks '91, BA.

McNutt, Stephen R.—1991—Research Professor of Volcano Seismology (1991), GI. Wesleyan University '77, BA; Columbia University '82, MA; '84, MPhil; '85, PhD.

Meath Jr., Lawrence W.—2005—Adjunct Assistant Professor of Education (2005), SOE. Oregon State University '71, BA; Northern Arizona University '75, MAT.

Mehner, Da Ka Xeen—2004—Term Assistant Professor (2008), Art, CLA. University of New Mexico '03, BFA; University of Alaska Fairbanks '07, MFA.

Meier, Rose A.Z.—1997—Coordinator, Ethnobotany Program (2007), IAC/CRCD; KUC/CRCD. Luther College '80, BSc; Northern Illinois University '84, MS; University of Minnesota '92, PhD.

Mellish, Jo-Ann E.—2001—Research Associate Professor of Marine Science (2001), IMS/SFOS. Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia '94, BS; '99, PhD.

Mendelowitz, Kade—1992—Associate Professor of Theatre (2001); Lighting Designer, Technical Director (1992), CLA; Instructor of Theatre, Independent Learning Program, CDE/CRCD. State University of New York at New Paltz '88, BFA; Temple University '91, MFA.

Meritt, Patricia A.—1997—Professor of Early Childhood Education (2006); Instructor of Early Childhood, Independent Learning Program, TVC/CDE/CRCD. Sacramento City College '71, AA; California State University, Chico '73, BA; University of Alaska Fairbanks '84, MAT.

Metz, Paul A.—1975—Professor of Geological Engineering (2000), CEM. Michigan Tech University '68, BS; University of Alaska Anchorage '72, MBA; University of Alaska Fairbanks '75, MS; University of London '91, PhD.

Milke, Dianne L.—2005—Assistant to the Chancellor (2006), CHANC. University of Alaska Fairbanks '01, AAS.

Misra, Debasmita—2002—Associate Professor of Geological Engineering (2002), CEM. Orissa University, India '84, BS; Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok '86, MS; University of Minnesota '94, PhD.

Mohatt, Gerald V.—1983—Director of Center for Native Health Research (2003), CANHR/IAB; Professor of Psychology (1983), CLA. St. Louis University '66, BA; '68, MS; Harvard University '78, EdD.

Mölders, Carmen (Nicole) N.—2001—Professor of Atmospheric Sciences (2006), GI; Department Chair (2005), CNSM. University of Cologne '83, BS; '88, MS; '92, PhD; University of Leipzig '99, Habilitation.

Mollett, David L.—1984—Associate Professor of Drawing (2007), CLA. Reed College '75, BA.

Mongrain, Joanna C.—2008—Assistant Professor (2008), CEM. Oxford University '99, MChem; Heriot-Waitt University, UK '00, MEng; University of Alaska Fairbanks '08, PhD.

Morotti, Allan A.—1995—Associate Professor of Education and Counseling (2002), SOE. California State University, Hayward '70, BA; University of Oregon '84, MS; '92, PhD.

Morrison, Joy F.—1990—Professor of Mass Communications (2003); Director, Office of Faculty Development (2004), PROV; Instructor of Journalism, Independent Learning Program, CDE/CRCD. New Mexico State University '83, BS; '85, MS; University of Iowa '91, PhD.

Moses, Debra M.—1982—Associate Professor of Developmental Mathematics (2006), TVC/CRCD. Wheeling Jesuit University '74, BS; Fordham University '78, MA; University of Alaska Fairbanks '98, MS.

Motyka, Roman J.—1997—Research Associate Professor (1998), GI. University of Alaska Fairbanks '83, PhD.

Mueter, Franz J.—2006—Assistant Professor (2008), SFOS. Rhino-Westphalian Technical University, BS; University of Alaska Fairbanks '92, MS; '98, MS; '99, PhD.

Mulder, Christa P.H.—1991—Associate Professor of Ecology (2006), CNSM; IAB. Bates College '88, BA; Queens University '91, MS; University of Alaska Fairbanks '96, PhD.

Murray, Maribeth S.—1998—Associate Professor of Anthropology (2004), CLA. Wilfrid Laurier University '89, BA; Memorial University of Newfoundland '92, MA; McMaster University '97, PhD.