Exchange Programs

National Student Exchange

UAF is a member of the National Student Exchange (NSE). Through this program, qualified students may apply for exchange enrollment at any one of more than 170 public colleges and universities throughout the United States, its territories and Canada. NSE enables students to study at other member institutions and participating schools and take advantage of specialized courses or unique programs. Participation in the program is limited to one year.

Exchanges generally take place during the student's sophomore or junior year. Applicants must have completed a minimum of two consecutive semesters at UAF as full-time degree-seeking students with a 2.5 cumulative GPA. Tuition is assessed by the host institution at the in-state rate, or the student may choose to pay tuition at UAF. The application deadline is Feb. 15 before the term of exchange. For more information, visit and contact the NSE coordinator in the Office of Admissions, 907-474-7500.

Note: Students attending any campus of the University of Alaska system under the National Student Exchange (NSE) program are assumed to be receiving the benefit of reduced tuition because of their enrollment at a NSE partner university in another state. Therefore, time spent in NSE does not count toward the time required to establish residency in Alaska for tuition purposes. If students end their participation in NSE, they could begin establishing residency for tuition purposes as set forth in the UA Resident and Non-resident Tuition policy.

Study Abroad And International Exchange Programs

Studying abroad for a semester or a year is an excellent opportunity for every UAF student to learn about other cultures and gain international experience while earning academic credit. Students in international exchange and study abroad programs enroll at UAF and receive UAF credit while attending classes in another country. The Alaska Student Loan and most other forms of financial aid may be used for both of these programs. Students interested in study abroad should begin planning early in their UAF careers, particularly because prior study of a foreign language is required for some programs and highly recommended for others. A minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA is required. Study abroad and exchange programs are administered by the Office of International Programs. For more information, call 907-474-7192, e-mail, or visit online at

Students can attend study abroad programs in the following countries (Table 14).

study abroad in these countries
Argentina Germany New Zealand
Australia Ghana Peru
Austria Greece Poland
Chile Hong Kong Scotland
Costa Rica Hungary Singapore
Czech Republic Ireland Spain
Denmark India South Africa
Dominican Republic Italy South Korea
Ecuador Malaysia Taiwan
England Mexico Venezuela
Fiji Morocco
France Netherlands

Students participating in these programs pay a $100 processing fee to UAF. All tuition, housing and student fees are paid directly to the program provider or host institution.

Students can attend the following institutions through international exchange (table below). Unless otherwise indicated, students participating in these programs pay for 15 credits of undergraduate UAF tuition, the UAF technology fee, a 2 percent of tuition network fee and a $100 processing fee. Graduate students pay for 9 credits of graduate UAF tuition, the UAF technology fee, a 2 percent of tuition network fee and a $100 processing fee. Tuition and fees are assessed on a semester basis.

International Exchange Universities
Charles Darwin University
Deakin University
Latrobe University
FHS Kufstein Tirol - University of Applied Science
McGill University
University of Calgary
University of Saskatchewan
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaiso
University of Petroleum -- China Beijing
Roskilde University
University of Copenhagen
University of Sussex
University of Lapland
University of Jean Monnet St. Etienne
University of Heidelberg
University of Mannheim
University of Tübingen
Hokkaido University
Hokkaido University of Education
Nagoya Gakuin University
Tohoku University
University of Guadalajara
Norwegian University of Life Sciences
University of Tromsø
Sakha State University
University of Stirling
Jönköping International Business School
Luleå University of Technology
Switzerland Zurich University of Applied Science Winterthur

Students can also choose to attend one of 20 northern universities listed below via "north2north," a student exchange program organized by the University of the Arctic. Programs are focused on northern studies and are designed to enhance the arctic perspective of UAF academic programs.

"north2north" Institutions
Lakehead University
Nunavut Arctic College
University of Manitoba
University of Northern British Columbia
University of Saskatchewan
Yukon College
Humak University of Applied Science
Kemi-Tornio Polytechnic
Oulu University of Applied Sciences
Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences
Saami Education Institute
University of Helsinki
University of Lapland
University of Oulu
University of Turku
Bifröst School of Business
University of Akureyri
University Center of the West Fjords
Bodø University College
Finnmark University College
Harstad University College
Nesna University College
Saami University College
Tromsø University College
University of Tromsø
Arctic State Institute of Culture and Art
Arkhangelsk State Technical University
Murmansk Humanities Institute
Murmansk State Pedagogical University
Sakha State University of Russia
Surgut State University
Syktyvkar Forest Institute
Syktyvkar State University
Luleå University of Technology
Mid Sweden University
Umeå University