Summer Sessions

UAF Summer Sessions offers a wide variety of academic opportunities to residents and visitors. Courses are open to undergraduate and graduate degree-seeking students, community members and qualifying high school students. Many courses in the baccalaureate core are available. Summer courses are compressed so students can focus on fewer classes at a time. Year-round opportunities include both domestic and international travel study and Alaska Discovery Workshop tours that highlight the UAF campus and research.

Summer Sessions sponsors the Jump Start Program, designed for entering freshmen, allowing them to begin their studies during the summer. Students take 6 credits, one required college skill-building class and one elective class of their choice, and have a part-time job on campus. Tuition, fees and books can be paid for via payroll deduction. The Earn and Learn Program offers summer employment to any student taking six or more credits. Tuition, fees and books can be paid for via payroll deduction.

Each summer the UAF campus hosts special events, guest speakers, concerts, the Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival, Fairbanks Shakespeare Theatre and numerous activities for youth. Academies and camps for youth include the Music and Art Academies and the Alaska Summer Research Academy, as well and sports and recreation camps. For information, contact Summer Sessions, 214 Eielson Building, telephone (907) 474-7021, toll free at 1-866-404-7021, or visit online at