NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence Project



The project involves two parts, one of which involves an public update and analysis of select actor official narratives, and a second part which involves a non-public product based on a research design involving information influence operations.


Project  Team:

Mr. Troy Bouffard - Project lead and director of CASR

Dr. P. Whitney Lackenbauer - Project co-lead, and NAADSN Director

Dr. Marc Lanteingne  - Senior Research Fellow at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI)

Dr. Adam Lageunesse -  Irving Shipbuilding Chair in Canadian Arctic Marine Security Policy and an Assistant Professor at the Mulroney Institute of Government, St. Francis Xavier University.

Dr. Elizabeth Buchanan - Director of research Australian Navy

Dr. Sergey Sughankin - Dr. Sergey Sukhankin is a Senior Fellow at the Jamestown Foundation, post-doc at NAADSN, and an Advisor at Gulf State Analytics (Washington, D.C.).



Scope of research (per public invitation to tender):

  1. First, research of official (public) narratives and political values communicated by the Arctic Council member states, China, and NATO. This report will serve as an update to NATO StratCom COE’s 2020 publication1 and will address the period July 2019 – July 2022. In addition, the European Union should be included as a new actor, covering the entire period of previous and new analysis (January 2012- July 2022). This research will be published by the NATO StratCom COE on its website and possibly in printed form.

  2. Second, research of influence operations (including disinformation) concerning the Arctic: an overview of general trends and actors over the past 10 years (2012 until mid-2022). This research will not be published by the NATO StratCom COE. It will be provided directly to the nations participating in the NATO StratCom COE.


Status of the project

The project complete drafts are required to be delived to the client at the end of September and fully completed by mid-November 2022.


Supporting Event(S):

To be annouced. Expectations involve a public presentation of the project results at the Centre, expected to occur in early December 2022.