Research Funding

The annual support for the Alaska Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Unit does not cover the costs of much of the research program. Most Unit research funds are acquired by Unit scientists and Cooperating Faculty through competitive research proposals. These funds come from a variety of state and federal agencies, as well as international organizations and private foundations.

Proposals are submitted by one or more lead scientists [Principal Investigators (PIs)] through UAF to the funding agency. Research topics may be basic in nature but are always aimed at a resource management problem. All research projects must support the mission of the Alaska Unit and be approved by the Unit Coordinating Committee.

Proposal budgets usually include stipends and tuition for graduate students who work under the direction of the PI and use data from the project for an MS or PhD thesis. Federal agencies award research funds through USGS to UAF using the Research Work Order, a funding mechanism authorized by Congress specifically for the Cooperative Units. ADFG and other agencies of the State of Alaska award funds for Unit projects using the Reimbursable Services Agreement.