Student Research

PhD Dissertations

Last Name First Name Department Year Graduated Title
McConnell Vicki Geology & Geophysics 1996 The Relationship Between the Hydrothermal and Magmatic Systems of the Long Valley Caldera, California
Werdon Melanie Geology & Geophysics 1999 Geology and Timing of Zn-Pb-Ag Mineralization, Northern Brooks Range, Alaska
McCoy Daniel Geology & Geophysics 2000 Mid-cretaceous Plutonic-related Gold Deposits of Interior Alaska: Metallogenesis, Characteristics, Gold-associative Mineralogy and Geochronology
Coombs Michelle Geology & Geophysics 2001 Experimental and Petrologic Constraints on Magma Movement, Storage, and Interactions at two volcanoes in Katmai National Park, Alaska
Chertkoff Darren Geology & Geophysics 2002 Mafic-Silicic Magma Interatctions from Volcanic to Plutonic: Implications for the Evolution and Eruption of Silicic Magma Chambers
Dallegge Todd Geology & Geophysics 2002 Application of 40Ar/39Ar Chronostratigraphy to Gologic Problems in Yellowstone Caldera and Cook Inlet Basin
Dreher Scott Geology & Geophysics 2002 The Physical Volcanology and Petrology of the 3400 YBP Caldera-Forming Eruption of Aniakchak Volcano, Alaska
Izbekov Pavel Geology & Geophysics 2002 The 1996 Eruption of Karymsky Volcano, Kamchatka: Detailed Petrological Study of a Single Basalt-Triggered Eruption Cycle
Stelling Pete Geology & Geophysics 2003 Volcanism on Unimak Island, Alaska, USA: A special focus on Shishaldin and Fisher Volcanoes.
Munley Walter Geology & Geophysics 2004 An Investigation into 40Ar/39Ar ratiogenic Dating and X-ray Analysis of Shales and Clays from Northern Alaska
Browne Brandon Geology & Geophysics 2005 Petrologic and Experimental Constraints on Magma Mingling and Ascent: Examples from Japan and Alaska
Greene Tammy Anthropology 2006 Diet and Dental Health in Predynastic Egypt: A Comparison of Hierakonpolis and Naqada
Tanwar Kunaljeet Chemistry & Biochemistry 2008 Structure and Reactivity of Iron Oxide Surfaces
Bray Matthew Engineering (Arctic) 2008 The influence of soil cryostructure on the creep and long term strength properties of frozen soils
Addison Jason Geology & Geophysics 2009 High-Resolution Paleoceanography of the Gulf of Alaska, Subarctic Northeast Pacific Ocean, Since the last Glacial Maximum: Insights Into a Dynamic Atmosphere-Ocean-Ecosystem Linkage at Decadal to Millenial Timescales
Sformo Todd Biological Sciences 2010 Overwintering Physiology of Arctic and Subarctic Insects from Interior Alaska
Almberg Leslie Geology & Geophysics


Temporal-Spacial Micro-Scale Investigations of Shallow Silicic Conduits: Late-Stage Degassing, Crystallization, and Alteration 
Flaig Peter  Geology & Geophysics 2010 Depositional Environments of the Late Cretaceous (Maastrichtian) Dinosaur-Bearing Prince Creek Formation, Colville River Region, North Slope, Alaska 
Ilgen Anastasia Chemistry & Biochemistry 2010 Controls on Antimony and Arsenic Speciation via Sorption and Redox Chemistry at the Clay Mineral - Water Interface in Natural and Laboratory Settings 
Van Hemert Caroline Biological Sciences 2012 Epizootic of Beak Deformities in Alaska: Investigation of an Emerging Avian Disease
Rinkleff Peter Geology & Geophysics 2012 Collection and characterization of volcanic aerosols
Sliwinski Maceij Geology & Geophysics 2012 Geochemical proxies, terrestrial afforestation and the marine punctata Event (Early-Middle Frasnian transition, Late Devonian) - one in a series of environmental perturbations preceding the Late Devonian mass extinction
Neher Tammy Hoem  School of Fisheries & Ocean Sciences 2012 The influence of estuarine habitats on the
expression of life history characteristics in juvenile coho salmon 
Gu Yanhong Engineering 2012 Corrosion Behavior and Residual Stress of Microarc Oxidation Coated AZ31 Magnesium Alloy for Biomedical Applications
Levings Carolyn "Katy" Botany 2012 Anatomical and Mechanical Characteristics of Woods Used to Manufacture Bassoons
Mongrain Jacob Geology & Geophysics 2012 Depositional Systems, Paleoclimate, and Provenance of the Late Miocene to Pliocene Beluga and Sterling Formations, Cook Inlet Forearc Basin, Alaska
Henton  Sarah  Geology & Geophysics 2013 Experiment vs. nature: Using amphiboles to test model of magma storage and movement from the 2006 eruption of Augustine volcano, Alaska 
Neill Owen Geology & Geophysics 2013 Petrologic and Geochemical Tracers of Magmatic Movement in Volcanic Arc Systems: Case Studies from the Aleutian Islands and Kamchatka, Russia
Shimer Grant Geology & Geophysics 2013 Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of the Nanushuk Formation and Related Foreland Basin Deposits, Central Brooks Range Foothills, Alaska
Hare Rebekah Biological Sciences 2014 Localization of Francisella Pathogenicity Island-Encoded Secreted Proteins and Their Secretion System
Salazar Jaramillo Susana Geology & Geophysics 2014 Paleoclimate and Paleoenvironment of the Prince Creek and Cantwell Formations, Alaska: Terrestrial Evidence of a Middle Maastrichtian
Greenhouse Event
Zhang Yongjun Materials Science & Engineering: Interdisciplinary Program 2014 Correlation of Microstructure and Thermo-Mechanical Properties of a
Novel Hydrogen Transport Membrane
Qiu Canrong Environmental Chemistry 2015 Structural Study Of Pb(II) And Sb(V) Adsorption On The Hydroxylated Hematite(1̄-102) Surface
Barker Amanda Environmental Chemistry 2016 Speciation, Transport and Mobility of Metals in Pristine Watersheds and Contaminated Soil Systems in Alaska
Gaglioti Ben SNRAS Interdisciplinary - paleoecology 2016 Landscape sensitivity to climate change in northern Alaska: Lessons from the past
McKee James Environmental Chemistry 2016 Synthesis and characterization of polymer-supported cyclodextrin nanoscaffolds for use in future environmental studies
Ravelo Alex Marine Biology 2016 Alaskan Arctic Epibenthic Communities: Distribution Patterns, Links to the Environment, and Brittle Star Population Dynamics
Lindoo Amanda Geology 2017 Causes and Consequences of Coupled Crystallization and Vesiculation in Ascending Mafic Magmas
Wilcox Paul Geology 2017 60,000 Year Vegetation and Climate History of Southeast Alaska
Tomsich Carla (Suzie) Geology & Geophysics in progress The paleoenvironments of the Late Cretaceous Lower Cantwell Formation, Sable Mountain area in Denali National Park, Alaska (Dinosaur resort or gate to hell?)
Yuengling Kurt Geology & Geophysics in progress Geochemistry of transported rocks in Northern Michigan
Larimer David Geology & Geophysics in progress Invisible Gold and Other Elements in the Liese Zone Ore Body, Pogo Deposit
Shipman Jill Geology & Geophysics in progress Magma System Response to Ediface Collapse:  Petrologic Insights at Bezymianny and Shiveluch Volcanoes, Kamchatka, Russia with Comparison to Mt. St. Helens, USA
Perreault John Geology & Geophysics in progress

Evaluating Yukon River Trace Metal and Hydrocarbon Inputs to the Chukchi Sea

Clark Casey SFOS in progress Trace Metals in Walrus teeth
Knight Nicole Chemistry & Biochemistry in progress Tellurium in Delamar mine tailings
Latty Christopher Marine Biology in progress Prevalence, Sources, and Effects of Elevated Strontium in Boreal Nesting Duck Eggs
Gagne Kristin Environmental Chemistry in progress Characterization of permafrost dissolved organic matter composition and reactivity; implications for biogeochemical cycling and contaminant fate in a changing climate
Schmuck Nick Archeology in progress  
Smith Caleb Engineering in progress  
LaBounty Deirdre Geology & Geophysics in progress  


Masters Theses

Last Name First Name Department Year Graduated Title
Crumbley Steven Geology & Geophysics 1993 Characterization of Magnetic Minerals in Loess Deposits from Central Alaska: implications for paleoclimatology
Bates Terri Geology & Geophysics 1994 Vent Processes During the 1912 Eruption at Novarupta, Katmai National Park, Alaska
West Andrew Geology & Geophysics 1995 A Petrologic and Geochronologic Study of the McKinley Pluton, Alaska
Fritschen Margaret Geology & Geophysics 1996 Quaternary Glacier Fluctuations in the Chigmit Mountains, Alaska
Tannenbaum Tim Geology & Geophysics 1996 Holocene Tephra Stratigraphy on Northern Kodiak Island, Alaska
Wolf Kenneth Geology & Geophysics 1996 Magmatic Behavior During the 1989-1990 Eruption of Redoubt Volcano, Alaska
Douglas Thomas  Geology & Geophysics 1997 Metamorphic Histories of the Chatanika Eclogite and Fairbanks Schist within the Yukon-Tanana Terrane, Alaska 
Roach Angela Geology & Geophysics 1997 Relationship of Flank Vents to Main Volcanic Edifice of Makushin Volcanic Field, Alaska 
Flannigan Brian Geology & Geophysics 1998 Genesis and mineralization of the Illinois Creek region deposits, west central Alaska 
Yuengling Kurt Geology & Geophysics 1998 Cosmogenic 26Al/10Be exposure dating of Alaskan Tors 
Athey Jennifer Geology & Geophysics 1999 Characterization of the DAT Zone, Eastern Alaska Range, Alaska 
Bean Kirby Geology & Geophysics 1999 The Holocene Eruptive History of Makushin Volcano, Alaska 
Brown Randy Fisheries 2000 Migratory patterns of Yukon River inconnu as determined with otolith microchemistry and radio telemetry
Cameron Cheryl Geology & Geophysics 2000 Fault-hosted Au Mineralization, Ester Dome, Alaska 
Thoms Evan Geology & Geophysics 2000 Unroofing sequence and foreland basin development of the Late Cenozoic central Alaska Range 
Browne  Brandon  Geology & Geophysics 2001 Eruptive Stratigraphy and the Transport and Deposition of Pyroclastic Material from the Caldera Forming Eruption of Volcan Ceboruco, Nayarit, Mexico 
Wolfe  Benjamin  Geology & Geophysics 2001 Paleohydrology of a Catastrophic Flood Release from Okmok Caldera and Post-Flood Eruption History at Okmok Volcano, Umnak Island, Alaska 
Graham  Garth  Geology & Geophysics 2002 Geology and Gold Mineralization of the Richardson District, East-Central Alaska 
Schaeffer  Janet  Geology & Geophysics 2002 Stratigraphy, Major Oxide Geochemstry and 40Ar/39Ar Geochronology of a Tephra Section Near Tok, Alaska 
Almberg  Leslie  Geology & Geophysics 2003 Hydrovolcanism in Okmok Caldera, Alaska 
Flynn  Roy  Geology & Geophysics 2003 Petrology, structure, and  tectonic history of the Boundary area, Eagle A-1 and Tanacross D-1 quadrangles, east-central Alaska 
Nicholson  Robert  Geology & Geophysics 2003 The 1931 Eruption of Aniakchak Volcano, Alaska: Deposit Characteristics and Eruption Dynamics 
Andrews Benjamin  Geology & Geophysics 2004 Dynamics of the ~240AD Cladera-Forming Eruption of Ksudach Volcano, Kamchatka, Russia

Kelly  L.N. Geology & Geophysics 2004 High Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy and Geochemistry of Middle and Upper Triassic Sedimentary Rocks, Northeast and Central Brooks Range, Alaska. 
Szramek  Lindsay  Geology & Geophysics 2004 Decompression Induced Crystallization of Basaltic Andesite Magma: Constraints on the Eruption of Arenal volcano, Costa Rica 
Wenz  Zachary  Geology & Geophysics 2004 Geology and Gold Mineralization of the NYAC District, Southwest Alaska 
Wong  Lily  Geology & Geophysics 2004 Physical Volcanology of a Sub-Plinian and Phreatomagmatic Eruption at Okmok Volcano, Alaska: Implications for Explosive Mafic Volcanism 
Adleman  Jennifer  Geology & Geophysics 2005 Analysis of Compostion and Chronology of Dome Emplacement at Black Peak Volcano, Alaska Utilizing Aster Remote Sensing Data and Field-Based Studies
Clark  John  Geology & Geophysics 2005 Chemical Variation in the Waters Draining the Hi-Yu Mine 
Kirkham  Russell  Geology & Geophysics 2005 Petrology, Depositional Setting, and Reservoir Quality of the Torok-Nanushuk Transition, Central North Slope, Alaska

Lee George  Chemistry & Biochemistry 2005 Formation and optical properties of photochromic silver nanoparticles 
Davis  Kathleen  Geology & Geophysics 2006 Volcanic, Tectonic and Tsunamigenic Events Recorded in Peats Near Millers Landing, Homer, Alaska 
Lessard  Richard  Geology & Geophysics 2006 Geology of the Caribou Creek Area, Big Delta Quadrange, East-Central Alaska 
Brandlen  Erik  Geology & Geophysics 2007 Paleoenvironmental  reconstruction  of  the  late cretaceous  (Maastrichtian)  Prince  Creek Formation, near  the Kikak-Tegoseak donosoaur quarry, North Slope, Alaska 
Jew  Nicholas  Anthropology 2007 Exchange and interaction in western Aleutian prehistory : the efficacy of geochemical analysis of lithic raw material procurement on Amchitka Island 
Jones  Daniel  Geology & Geophysics 2007 Argon Isotopes and Geochemistry of El Chichon Volcano, Chiapas, Mexico 
Twelker  Evan  Geology & Geophysics 2007 A Breccia-Centered Ore and Alteration Model For The Copper Canyon Alkalic Cu-Au Porphyry Deposit, British Columbia 
White  Jesse  Geology & Geophysics 2007 Carbonate Facies and Sequence Stratigraphy of the Carbinferous Lisburne Group, Upper Nanushuk River Region, Central Brooks Range, Alaska 
Bissue Charles Mineral Preparation Engineering 2008 Froth flotation characterization and processing plant design for the platiniferous and auriferous marine sediments of Southwestern Alaska
Drobny (Susan) Paige Fisheries 2008 Life history characteristics of the gonatid squid Berrytheuthis magister in the Eastern Bering Sea
Kelly Seanbob Fisheries 2008 Habitat use of Pacific Herring (Clupea pallasii) in Prince William Sound, Alaska
Rowland R.J. Chemistry & Biochemistry 2008

MS Environmental Chemistry, Characterization of magnetite surface oxidation by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS).

Tilman Mariah Geology & Geophysics 2008 An Investigation into Symplectite-Rimmed Olivines and Magmatic Processes during the 2006 Eruption of Augustine Volcano, Alaska
Urschel  Matthew  Biological Sciences 2008 Molecular basis of mitochondrial form and function in the hearts of antarctic notothenioids that vary in the expression of hemoglobin and myoglobin 
Williams Kristen Chemistry & Biochemistry 2008 Iron(II) effects on hematite sorption of mercury(II) under anaerobic conditions
Payne  Joshua  Geology & Geophysics  2009

Chemostratigraphy of the Late Devonian Frasnian-Famennian Transition in Alberta, Canada, and its Implications

Shimer  Grant  Geology & Geophysics  2009 Holocene vegetation and climate change at Canyon Lake, Copper River basin, Alaska 
Gaglioti Benjamin Biological Sciences 2010

The flora in fossil and modern arctic ground squirrel (Urocitellus parryii) burrows

Hartbauer Cheryl Geology & Geophysics 2010

Provenance and diagenesis of the Bear Lake Formation - investigation of sandstone from Port Moller area outcrops, North Aleutian COST 1 well, and Great Basins 1 well, Bristol bay basin, Alaska Peninsula

Ladegard Jillian Engineering 2010

Synthesis and characterization of mechanical properties of a novel bioceramic composit material for biological applications

Jaramillo  A.M.  Chemistry & Biochemistry  2010 Dissolution and sorption of Hexahydro-1,3,5-Trinitro-1,3,5-Triazine and 2,4,6-Trinitrotoluene residues from detonated phyllosilicate mineral surfaces. 
Payne  Allison Geology & Geophysics  2010 Geothermometry and Cathodoluminescence of Quartz Reveal Crystallization Histories of Katmai Magmas 
Rader Erika Geology & Geophysics 2010 Mineral Stability in H2O Undersaturated Magmas: Expermiments on Basaltic Andesite from Westdahl Volcano
Van der Kolk  Dolores  Geology & Geophysics  2010 Geochemistry, Sedimentology, And Stratigraphy of the Lower Cretaceous Pebble Shale Unit, Northeastern Alaska 
Van Treeck  Christopher  Geology & Geophysics  2010 Platinum Group Element Eriched Hydrothermal Magnetite of the Union Bay Alaska-type Ultramafic Intrusion, Southeast Alaska 
Gilbert  Phoebe  Anthropology  2011 Micromorphology, Site Formation Processes, and Climate Change at the Mead Site (XBD-071): A Multi-Component Archaeological Site in Interior Alaska 
Orczewska  Julieanna  Biological Sciences  2011

The molecular basis of aerobic metabolic remodeling in threespinte stickleback in response to cold acclimation

Ritchie Vanessa Chemistry & Biochemistry  2011

Mobility and Chemical Fate of Antimony and Arsenic in historic mining environments of Kantishan Hills, Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska

Deal Michelle Geology & Geophysics 2012 Origins and zoning of the Buckhorn gold skarn , NE Washington
Gleason Christine Fisheries 2012

Physical environmental and biological correlates of otolith chemistry of Arctic marine fishes in the Chukchi sea

Gu Yanhong Engineering 2012 Corrosion behavior and residual stress of microarc oxidation coated AZ31 magnesium alloy for biomedical applications
Meyers  Zachary  Biological Sciences  2012 A contribution to the taxonomy and phylogeny of Oxytropis section arctobia (Fabaceae) in North America 
Wallace Patrick Physics 2012 Variational anodic oxidation of aluminum for the formation of conically profiled nanoporous alumina templates
Bolz Patrizia Mining Engineering 2014

Development of a methodology for the characterization of mafic rocks with respect to their use for mineral carbonation: the mineralogy, petrology, and geochemistry of the Portage Lake Volcanics in the Keweenaw Peninsula, Michigan

Broman Bonnie Geology & Geophysics 2014 Metamorphism and element redistribution: Investigations of Ag-bearing and associated minerals in the Arctic volcanogenic massive sulfide deposit, southwest Brooks Range, northwest Alaska
Descoteaux Raphaelle Marine Biology 2014 Effects of ocean acidification on development of Alaskan crab larvae
Gleason Erin Environmental Chemistry 2014

Properties of sodium sodium chloride brine on laboratory ice

Hutton Eric Geology & Geophysics 2014 Surface to Subsurface Correlation of the Shublik Formation: Implications for Triassic Paleoceanography and Source Rock Accumulation
Kentner Adrienne Geology & Geophysics 2014 Petrological constraints on the origin of enclaves from Kasatochi Volcano, Aleutian Islands, Alaska
Lin Chuang Civil & Environmental Engineering 2014 Performance of shallow anchor in ice-rich silt
Narantsetseg Purevbaatar Mineral Preperation Engineering 2014

Beneficiation of rare earth minerals from Bokan Mountain : Dotson Ridge ore

Perttu Brian Geology & Geophysics 2014 Igneous rocks and structures of the Nixon Fork Mine, Alaska, and their relations to ores
Stockbridge Jill Biology & Wildlife 2014

Beetles and spiders as indicators of forest recovery on Prince of Wales Island, Alaska

Szymanski Anna Marine Biology 2014

Diversity, abundance and fate of ice algae and phytoplankton in the Bering Sea 

Illig  Peter  Geology & Geophysics  2015

Geology and Genesis of the Peak Au-Cu Deposit, Tetlin, Eastern Interior Alaska

Teal-Sullivan Perrin Fine Arts: Ceramics, Printmaking 2015

Here is Where We Moved The Mountain: Mining the Northern Anthropocene

Vega  Stacy  Fisheries 2015 Reconstruction of ocean-entry timing and growth rates of chum salmon in the Chukchi Sea 
Woodgate Melissa SNRES 2015 Vegetation succession and pedogenesis on the Yukon-Kuskokwim delta near St. Mary's, Alaska
Charapata Patrick Marine Biology 2016 Back to the future : Pacific walrus stress response and reproductive status in a changing Arctic
Forbush Tyson Geosciences 2016 Mobile metal ionization: effectiveness in gold exploration
Garroutte  Monte  Biological Sciences 2016 Species richness, community composition, and species distribution patterns in Aleutian plants
Gupta Tushar Mining Engineering 2016 Recovery of rare earth elements from Alaskan coal and coal combustion products
Josephson (Skidmore) Amy Chemistry & Biochemistry 2016 The behavior of tellurium during copper ore processing at the American Smelting and Refining Company (Tucson, AZ)
Lande Lauren Geosciences 2016 A petrological model for emplacement of the ultramafic Ni-Cu-PGE alpha complex, eastern Alaska Range
Mulliken Katherine Anthropology 2016 Holocene volcanism and human occupation in the middle Susitna River Valley, Alaska
Rosenthal Jacob Geosciences 2016 Fractured reservoir potential and tectonic development of the Iniskin -- Tuxedni region, Lower Cook Inlet, Alaska
Tuzzolino Amy Geosciences 2016 Compositional characteristics and ages of plutons in the central Ruby batholith, Alaska : implications for rare-earth-element resources
Hahn Jason Public Health UAA 2016 Community-Scale Biosand Filter Pilot Project in Cambodia
Nelson Mark Marine Biology in progress Fifty years of Cook Inlet beluga whale ecology recorded as isotopes in their bones and teeth
Ramirez Benjamin Mechanical Engineering 2017 Aluminum alloys after failure
Breese  Mike  Geology & Geophysics  in progress Geology and mineralization of the Gaines Creek Area, SX Alaska 
Davis  Jeremy  Geology & Geophysics  in progress Petrography And Diagenesis of the Nanushuk Fm at Umiat North Slope, Alaska 
Heinchon  Sarah  Geology & Geophysics  in progress Geochemical Investigation of Auriferous Veins from the Kensington Mine, SE Alaska 
Roberts (Kooistra) Jillian  Geology & Geophysics  in progress Geology of the Gil Prospect, Alaska 
Maharrey  J. Zebulon  Geology & Geophysics  in progress Tephrachronologic and Paleo-Tsunami Investigations Into the Volcanic and Seismic History of Lower Cook Inlet Alaska 
Wright  Colby  Geology & Geophysics  in progress Paleo-environmental reconstruction and sedimentology 
Knox  April  Geology & Geophysics  in progress  
Frothingham Alyssa  Fisheries in progress Determining growth rates, hatch timing, and natal origin of Arctic Cod, Boreogadus saida in the Beaufort and Chukchi seas
Gatesman Tiffany Chemistry & Biochemistry  in progress Glacier contribution to lowland streamflow: A multi-year, geochemical hydrograph separation study in subarctic Alaska
Raymond Luke Geology & Geophysics  in progress  
Thompson William Geology & Geophysics  in progress  
Chambers Jennifer Chemistry & Biochemistry in progress Aerosols produced through the combustions of different fuel types
Barefoot John Geology & Geophysics in progress  
Thornton Alex Marine Biology in progress  
Milke Kyle Chemistry & Biochemistry in progress  
Hooper Seth Geology & Geophysics in progress  
Bowman Robert Archeology in progress  
deGraffenreid Rebecca Geosciences in progress The Influence of Phenocrysts in Silicic Magma Degassing


Undergraduate Research Projects

Last Name First Name Department Year Graduated Title
Kircher Anya Geology & Geophysics 2005 Stomata of Alaska Conifer Species
Lester Cullan Geology & Geophysics 2007 Wall rock alteration in the Willow district, S-Central Ak
McNulty Brian Geology & Geophysics 2007 Compositions of early Tertiary magmatism, Denali Park area
Farrington Rose Botany 2008 Comparative study of seed coat micromorphology in Alaskan Oxytropis (Loco-weed, Fabaceae) using Scanning Electron Microscopy
Chem 413   Chemistry & Biochemistry 2008 The effect of relative humidity on the iodine content of iodized salt
Knudson Aleria Geology & Geophysics 2008 Early Tertiary magmatic rocks interior Alaska
Ito Sayuri Botany 2009 Comparative pollen and ultrastructure of Ephedra: Implications for phylogeny and evaluation of the fossil record
Chem 413   Chemistry & Biochemistry 2009 Trace metals in the air and snow in Fairbanks, Alaska
Gleason Christine Fisheries 2009 (Senior Thesis) Otolith microchemistry and application to identification of Natal River origin of commercial sockeye salmon on the Alaska Peninsula
Gleason Christine Fisheries 2009 Relative proportion and distribution of juvenile Oncorhynchus mykiss produced by Anadromous O. mykiss versus Resident O. mykiss in three lower Columbia River tributaries
Gleason Christine Fisheries 2009 Elemental assays of otolith strontium and calcium for detection of anadromy in Dolly Varden collected from western Alaskan streams
Kingsbury Cole Geology & Geophysics 2009 Loess compositions, Fairbanks Alaska area
Parsons Jennifer Geology & Geophysics 2009 Compositions of Cretaceous sedimentary rocks, Denali Park area
Sommerfeld John Geology & Geophysics 2009 Age and character of late Cretaceous alkalic rock, E Interior Ak
Wagner Tristan  Geology & Geophysics 2010 Ag-Au mineralization in the Whister area, SW Alaska 
Garroutte  Monte  Botany 2010 The systematics of Alaskan Eritchium (Alpine Forget-Me-Not, Boraginaceae) 
McConnell  Casey  Fisheries


Analysis of humpback whitefish and least cisco otolith microchemistry from the Chatanika and Tanana River drainages utilizing inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry 
Chem 413   Chemistry & Biochemistry 2011 Arsenic in grocery store shrimp
LaDouceur  Michael  Geology & Geophysics 2011 Tertiary volcanic rocks and soils, NW Seward Peninsula 
Braun  Miriam  Geology & Geophysics 2012 Paleoenvironmental reconstruction based on concretion geochemistry 
Illig  Peter  Geology & Geophysics 2012 Volatile analyses of glasses from the 2008 eruption of Okmok volcano, Alaska 
Traxler  Nicholas  Geology & Geophysics 2012 Amphibole and plagioclase textural studies: Augustine volcano, Alaska 
Chem 413    Chemistry & Biochemistry 2012 Hg in Salmon
Heinchon Sarah Geology & Geophysics 2012 Cobalt Signatures of Auriferous Pyrite, Kensington Mine, SE Alaska 
Tsigonis  Rebekah Geology & Geophysics 2012 Using Grain Size and Titanium-in-Quartz Measurements to Determine the Strength of Rocks in a Deep-Seated Fault 
Sommerfeld  Phillip  Physics --- Developing a LA-ICP-MS methodology to date Zircons by U-Pb decay 
Chem 413    Chemistry & Biochemistry 2013 Trace metals in consumer goods 
Chem 314    Chemistry & Biochemistry 2014 Trace metals in consumer goods 
Chem 314    Chemistry & Biochemistry 2015 Trace metals in consumer goods 
Witte  Riley  Chemistry & Biochemistry --- Evaluating Potential for Recovery of Te as a Byproduct of Au Extraction at the Golden Sunlight Mine (Whitehall, MT) 
Chem 314    Chemistry & Biochemistry 2016 Trace metals in consumer goods 
Knight Dallon Chemistry & Biochemistry 2016 Bioaccessibility of metal(loid)s from mine wastes in the Western United States and Alaskan road dust
Milke Kyle Chemistry & Biochemistry 2016 Transport mechanisms of metal-bearing historic mine tailings in a semi-arid environment
Sterle Jacob Chemistry & Biochemistry 2016 Physiological extractions of metal(loid)s from coal ash in Interior Alaska
Warner David Chemistry & Biochemistry in progress Characterization of solid-phase transformation of boiler slag during leaching
McCartney Kelly Geological Engineering in progress Recovering Technologically Critical Elements:Coupling Mass Balance Calculations and Mineralogical Characterization
Mitchell Kiana Chemistry & Biochemistry in progress Quantifying the metal(loid) bioaccessibility of reacted fly ash in the Arctic
Galusha Michael Civil Engineering in progress Analysis of sand used for water filtration Cambodia
Bosserman Brian Geology & Geophysics in progress Analysis of sand used for water filtration Cambodia


High School Student Research Projects

Last Name First Name High School Year Title
O'Neil Caelan West Valley 2015 Toxic Metal and Metalloid Liberation from Locally-produced Coal Fly-Ash under Biological and Environmental Conditions