Nanook Traditions

Traditions Tuesday

Every Tuesday is Traditions Tuesday! So wear you traditions gear proudly to spin the Prize Wheel or get spotted by Prize Patrol!

Prizes include Sweatshirts, T-shirts, coupons, upcoming concert tickets, and more cool stuff!


Starvation Gulch

It's an annual celebration; a way to ease new students into campus life. At times it's a fierce competition of honor between campus dormitories. It's also a living story of the incredible odds the University has faced and overcome. It's Starvation Gulch.

Despite the dramatic changes in the celebration, no one can deny the power of an 90 year-old ceremony. Starvation Gulch is not simply the passing of knowledge to a new generation.

Starvation Gulch is UAF history.


Winter Carnival

Ready your skates and skis! Winter Carnival is a weekend-long celebration of Alaskan winters. Winter Carnival features a myriad of fun winter events including sledding, dog mushing and much more.



SpringFest is our way to celebrate not only the end of the long winter, but also the warmth and our accomplishments of the year! The long weekend kicks-off with a Free BBQ for all students, faculty and staff. While at the BBQ, you don't want to miss the Dance-off or the Watermelon drop! Following the kick off, the weekend is packed with many more fun and exciting activities such as the Mud Volleyball Tournament, Field Day and A Headlining concert.

Don't forget that All Campus Day, (the second day of SpringFest) started so that students can give back to the campus and community. Make sure to sign up with the L.I.V.E office for SpringFest Service.


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