Marine Studies

Master's Degree Program

Are you looking for a broad program that will introduce you to multiple fields of study in marine sciences? Earning a Master of Science in Marine Studies from the University of Alaska Fairbanks will provide you with the experience and expertise to find a fast-paced career in one of the most important fields of science.

Join the graduate program in marine studies at UAF and dive into topics such as marine ecology, organismal biology, ecosystem processes and oceanography. You’ll also get to choose classes from both the oceanography and marine biology programs, meaning that you get more control over the degree you earn and career you prepare for.

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Why Earn Your Master’s in Marine Studies at UAF?

Learn more about what makes our graduate program in marine studies stand out from other marine biology master’s programs around the world:

A marine studies degree designed for you

  • When you earn your marine studies graduate degree at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, you won’t be restricted to a traditional course of study. Instead, you can take classes from both our oceanography and marine biology master’s programs. Best of all, these courses can also be from the fisheries program, the statistics program and the biology and wildlife departments.

Research and field-based learning

  • Study marine science in one of the most unique climates and regions in the world. Earning a Master of Marine Science at the University of Alaska Fairbanks is an opportunity to join the frontlines of important climate change research to learn how marine ecosystems are adapting and evolving as the climate changes.

Flexible course schedule

  • Whether you’re a working professional or live outside Alaska but still want to earn one of the top marine studies degrees in the country, our fully online graduate program in marine studies was designed for you. Create the course of study that fits your life and work schedule — no matter how hectic they may be.

Experienced faculty

  • One of the best things about earning your Master of Science in Marine Studies at UAF is the diversity of faculty members you’ll work with. Because you can take classes in either the oceanography or marine biology master’s programs, you’ll work closely with faculty mentors who are highly distinguished in their fields — learning from their experience while making valuable professional connections.


What Can You Do with a Master’s in Marine Studies?

With a marine studies master’s degree, you can look forward to many career opportunities studying and helping to preserve some of the most important habitats and resources on the planet.

As one of the top graduate programs in marine studies in the country, UAF’s graduates are in high demand both in Alaska and around the world — thanks to their expertise and experience working with professionals from many scientific disciplines.

When you graduate, you’ll be prepared for many rewarding careers, including:

  • Marine biologist
  • Fisheries scientist
  • Educator
  • Physical oceanographer
  • Conservation scientist
  • Environmental scientist
  • Natural sciences manager



Get Started on Your Master’s in Marine Studies

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