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Earn your chemistry degree from a program approved by the American Chemical Society, where you’ll collaborate with renowned professors on projects that impact the world. UAF’s emphasis on undergraduate research and state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment ensure you’ll gain practical experience in the classroom, the lab and the field to prepare for graduate school or employment in a variety of positions.

Learn about different areas of chemistry and choose from several concentrations, including ecology, biomedical sciences, biochemistry and environmental chemistry.

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Why Study Chemistry at UAF?

As a chemistry major at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, you’ll explore a variety of concentrations — including chemistry, biochemistry, environmental chemistry and forensic chemistry — while you learn from renowned professors and gain undergraduate research experience.

Here are more reasons to earn your chemistry degree at UAF.

Choose from a variety of concentrations

The chemistry degree exposes you to different fields of study, and you’ll have the ability to choose from several concentrations, including ecology, biomedical sciences, biochemistry and environmental chemistry.

In your classes, you’ll explore topics like atmospheric chemistry, macromolecules and molecular modeling.

Access state-of-the-art labs and equipment

As a UAF chemistry major, your classroom is the laboratory. In our Advanced Instrumentation Laboratory, you can work with an electron microprobe and electron scanning microscope. And that’s just the start. Access instrumentation for nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometry, gas chromatography and amino acid analysis.

Conduct research in the lab, in Alaska and beyond

UAF offers guaranteed opportunities for undergraduate research. Our students are exploring topics regarding the Arctic, Alaska’s wildlife and subjects related to resource extraction. Collaborate with professors who have appointments with major research institutes and present your findings at conferences, including our Environmental Chemistry Symposium. Track air pollutants. Create self-decontaminating paint. Develop more efficient solar panels. It’s all at your fingertips here.


What Can You Do With Your Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry?

A degree in chemistry from UAF prepares you for advanced study in graduate and professional programs and myriad careers. Chemistry majors find employment as research chemists in federal, state, municipal, academic or industrial laboratories, and in premedicine as laboratory technicians, industry supervisors and technical sales personnel. Our programs also provide a technical base for chemistry teachers.




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