Materials Handling Quiz July-Dec

Please complete the below Materials Handling and Lifting Quiz by clicking on the box that best represents a correct answer. 

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You are:

1. The best zone for lifting is between your shoulders and your waist:

2. Which is the safer way to move a cart loaded with heavy boxes:

3. When lifting, which part of your body should do most of the work:

4. Which is NOT a contributing factor to materials handling and lifting injuries:

5. What ratio of force is exerted on the back when lifting:

6. You are more at risk of injury when:

7. What should you do if you feel you cannot safely handle or lift an object:

8. Which does NOT define "Body Management":

9. Actual hands-on training and practice, where the content of this course is applied, should be completed as soon as possible:

10. Choose the four most common causes of back injury