Phenol Quiz

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1. Jamie walks into a laboratory and notices a broken bottle of liquid phenol on the floor, she immediately detects a sweet, tar-like odor in the air. What should she do?:

2. Phenol has all of the following properties, EXCEPT:

3. Chloroform will enhance the absorption of phenol through the skin.

4. A tube containing phenol has broken in the centrifuge. What do you do?:

5. Absorption of phenol through the skin may be disguised by a loss of pain sensation.

6. All of the following are proper storage protocols for phenol, EXCEPT:

7. Bert forgot to wear the proper PPE when working with phenol and accidentally got some phenol on his hands. He should:

8. Which of the following gloves are acceptable for use with phenol?:

9. If you smell phenol, you are likely over the permissible exposure limit.

10. A phenol spill/exposure kit should contain all of the following, EXCEPT:

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