ProCard Information

The University's ProCard is for use in the purchase of goods and services, not to exceed $5000.
It is issued to employees and available in various configurations. Departments can set limits, a declining balance, expiration date, custodial card, and more.

To obtain a ProCard or change/update an existing one...
*Click on the appropriate application
*Complete the required information online
*Get the appropriate signatures
*Fax (474-7720), mail (Box 7940), scan ( or deliver the completed application to the Procurement & Contract Services office.

ProCard Application / Agreements / Forms

Custodial Card Forms:

 Custodial Card Check Out Form

 Custodial Card Vendor Usage Memo


ATTENTION CARDHOLDERS:  As part of the card request process for your new credit card, you will receive two (2) emails from JP Morgan Chase.  These emails provide you information on website, user id and temporary password so that you can log into the system.  They are not spam!  If you have not received them prior to physically getting your card, check your spam folder, as them may have been diverted. 

You will want to log into the system to finish your setup so that you have access to all your card information, declines & authorizations, etc. Contact Procurement at 907-474-7315 if you have any problems getting in or finding your messages.

Here are the instructions for logging in the first time.

NOTE:  The temporary password is only good for 5 days.  Contact 907-474-7315 to have it reset.  Once you has set your permanent password it can be reset on-line through the website.

TRAINING:  ProCard/Department Travel Card training is scheduled on an as needed basis.  New cardholders are invited, by email, to the first class after processing their applications. All credit cards are delivered to Procurement & Contract Services. The cardholder will receive their card(s) upon completing training, if they have arrived.

Manuals & Handouts

Sensitive Account Codes

If one of these codes is used for a ProCard purchase, you must have an email approval from the OGCA Office. This approval should be kept with your ProCard records.

Log Forms

PaymentNet 4

PaymentNet 4 Login

Password resets can be done on the PaymentNet 4 website.  For locked accounts, contact Becky Telling at 474-7315.

System Requirements for PaymentNet 4

Microsoft Internet Explorer® 9 on Windows 7
Mozilla® Firefox® 21 on Windows 7
Internet Explorer 8 on Windows XP
Mac’s have not had any reported issues accessing PaymentNet 4.

Waiver Instructions

You must contact Denise Moe for the waiver form. She can be reached at 474-6465 or at

Misc Files

For Disputes

Phone: 888-297-0768
Fax: 847-931-8861
Int'l (call collect): 847-488-3748

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