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The UAF College of Liberal Arts and the staff of the Alaska International Piano-e-Competition are proud to thank the generous friends, family, business and corporate partners that helped us to bring this competition to Alaska. Their generosity is more than a gift of time or treasure, but a gift from the heart that says "music in Alaska is important." Thank you!

Ensemble Circle

Giving more than $15,000

Fairbanks Symphony Orchestra

Yamaha Corporation of America

Spine Care Specialists of Alaska – Dr. Paul and Mrs. Debbie Jensen, Dr. John and Mrs. Andria Lopez

Special thanks to Chancellor Brian Rogers, Sherry Modrow and the guests, donors, volunteers and staff of the 2014 Chancellor’s Gala for your generous support.

Harmony Circle

Giving $5,000 to $14,999


Brian Rogers and Sherry Modrow

Eduard and Anna Zilberkant

Allegro Circle

Giving $1,000 to $4,999

Susan M. Henrichs

Dr. Danny and Paula Robinette

Design Alaska

Todd and Kristi Sherman


Giving up to $999

Sandra and Thomas Clark

Mark and Linda Harriger

Mark and Patty Hamilton

Naomi Horne and 
S. Joshua Youngblood

Dorli McWayne and 
Kelser Woodward

Karen H. Parr

Kirsten Pickard and 
Joshua Sonkiss, MD

William B. Schendel

Westmark Hotel and
Conference Center

This list represents gifts received from November 1, 2013 till June 13, 2014. We have made extensive efforts to ensure the accuracy and completeness of this list, and we regret any errors or omissions. If you would like to make a gift in support of the competition, there is still time. Please visit: and make your gift today!


Special Thanks

President Pat and Mrs. Ailese Gamble

Chancellor Brian Rogers and Sherry Modrow

Alaska Classic Pianos

Alaska Riverways/Riverboat Discovery


College Town Pizzeria

Cook Schuhmann & Groseclose, Inc.

Explore Fairbanks

Fairbanks Piano Center

Fairbanks Rotary

Fairbanks Symphony Orchestra

Jack Finch

First Fruits

Hannah Foss

Hot Licks Ice Cream

H&S Warehouse

Dixon Jones

Gene Therriault and Jo Kuchle

Charles Lemke and Phyllis Pendergrast

Jonal Mochas

Mt. McKinley Bank

Musicians in Debut International

Rotary Club of Fairbanks

Sam’s Club

Dick and Jo Scott

Silver Gulch Brewery

Usibelli Coal Mine

UA Board of Regents

UA Foundation

UA Museum of the North

University of Alaska Statewide

Westmark Hotel and Conference Center


Emerson Eads

Susie Hackett

Gretchen Gordon

Jo Kuchle

Chuck Lemke

Lori Neufeld

Todd Sherman

Stella Sick

Lisa Sundborg

Anna Zilberkant

Hospitality Hosts

Vera Alexander

The Bult-ito Family

Donna Dinsmore

Lorna Eder

The Endestad Family

Jenifer Woodard and Jason Guilford

Wei Guo and Xiyu Zhu

Gayle and Lee Hazen

Carole Hemphill

Tom Hewitt and April Jaillet

Linda Hilliard

Beth Hughes

Elizabeth and Christopher Johnston

Gene Therriault and Jo Kuchle

The LaSota Family

Avalon and Patrice Lee

Gretchen Murphy

The O’Donoghue Family

The Brad and Andrea Pile Family

Nicole Stewart

The Teller Family

Ronnie and Myong Vaughan

Hannah Wagar


Vera Alexander


Diane Carlson

Bill Chrisman

Jim Dixon and Barbara Day

Donna Dinsmore

Brian Flemming

Patty Gallagher

Elijah Graham

Jason Guilford

Gayle and Lee Hazen

Jon Heintz

Kay Hinckley

Helen Howard

April Jaillett

Genevieve Johnson

Gene Therriault and Jo Kuchle

Meryem Kugzruk

Janet Lokken

Campbell Longworth

Gretchen Murphy

Catherine O’Brien

The O’Donoghue Family

Andrea Pile

McKay Pile

Taylor Pile

Mary Rafter

Moriah Ray

Sarah Riopelle

Will Schendel

Carol Secor

Emily Smola

Megan Thompson

Christopher Villanueva

Caroline Wolf

Jenifer Woodard

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