O. Miyaoka: Central Alaska Yup'ik grammar

With the assistance from editor, Mike Dunham, Miyaoka completed the manuscript grammar in January 2011. The grammar more than 1250 pages was published by the German publisher, DeGruyter Mouton.

Beginnning in 1967, Miyaoka worked with the late Irene Reed, Steven Jacobson, Paschal Afcan and Michael Krauss in the development of a teaching grammar of Central Yup'ik , the first such work published for an Alaska Native language. Since that time Miyaoka has written numerous academic and pedagogical publications assisted by Native speakers of the language to insure the richness and accuracy of the language.

Although the online release of the grammar was authorized for the Alaska Native Language Archive, DeGruyter Mouton requires the Archive not to allow online release.

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