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>With the Thanksgiving holiday rapidly approaching, it is time to think about food safety during holiday meals. Extension has a YouTube video that demonstrates multiple ways to defrost a frozen turkey, as well as the publication Serving Turkey Safely , which has tips on thawing, cooking and serving your bird while avoiding foodborne illness. For any other questions about food safety during the holidays, give the district office in your area a call.

>Radon can be a serious home health issue, especially in areas where there is uranium in the soil, but with proper testing and management, you can have a radon-free environment. Extension has released a new DVD that explains what radon is, how it gets into your home, if you are at risk for exposure, how to test for radon and what steps to take to mitigate radon if it is detected in your home. To purchase the DVD, visit the district office in your area or call 877-474-5211.

>Extreme weather events can take a toll on many Alaska communities. If you want to be prepared, Extension has two new publications that can helpAlaska Emergency Preparedness: Tsunamis, Storm Surges & Floods will help protect your family and property from the devastating effects of flooding and provide ideas on developing an emergency evacuation plan. Alaska Emergency Preparedness: Wind Events explains the dangers that high winds pose and lists steps to take to reduce property losses and protect yourself in the event of high wind conditions.

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>Living Well Alaska: Better Choices, Better Health workshops are held throughout Alaska for people with all kinds of chronic conditions, such as arthritis, diabetes and heart disease. If you are interested in leading these workshops, Home, Health and Family Development agent Leslie Shallcross is offering Living Well Alaska Leader Training in Anchorage Dec. 8–11. Registration is available online or call 907-786-6313 for more information.

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