cover images of Using Alaska's Wild Berries and Other Wild Edibles and An Alaska Herb Garden

>Extension is offering a chance to get a good deal on “Using Alaska’s Wild Berries and Other Wild Edibles” and “An Alaska Herb Garden.” Fill out this survey and return to any Extension office and buy “Using Alaska’s Wild Berries and Other Wild Edibles” for $15 and receive “An Alaska Herb Garden” free. If you don’t live nearby an Extension office, simply print and mail the survey and a check to the address listed on the gift voucher. For more information or questions, call 877-520-5211.

>Extension is hosting wood burning presentations Sept. 21 - 24 in Fairbanks, Anchorage, Palmer, Sitka and Juneau. Topics will include residential wood boilers; choosing a wood stove; comparing pellets, chips and logs; emissions and particulates; greenhouse heat; biochar; and wood care. These events are free. For more information, including locations and dates, view the flier. Contact Art with questions at or 907-474-6366.

>The 2017 Invasive Species Workshop will take place in Anchorage Oct. 24-26. The conference is intended for discussing invasive species management activities within the state and offers expert presentations about emerging invasive species science and management issues. Registration and conference information is available online.

> For past announcements please visit our home page news archive.

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