Steps to become an Alaska Master Gardener*

Photo by Heidi Rader.

To become an Alaska Master Gardener, in addition to completing the course, you must also complete 40 hours of gardening related volunteer service within a year of course completion.

Step 1: Complete the Alaska Master Gardener Online Course. After you complete the course, you will recieve a certificate of completion.

Step 2: Review the Volunteer Guide for current information on volunteering as a Master Gardener.

Step 3: Complete the Volunteer Proposal.

Step 4: Complete the Volunteer Media Release, if needed.

Step 5: Complete the Volunteer Time Sheet and e-mail it to master.gardener@alaska.edu.

Step 6: Congratulations! You are now officially an Alaska Master Gardener and will receive your patch in the mail.

***If you plan to write for the Alaska Master Gardener Blog, please review the Alaska Master Gardener Blog Style Guide.***

*These Volunteer Guidelines are for students who complete the Alaska Master Gardener Online Course. Volunteer Guidelines vary depending on who your Alaska Master Gardener Course Instructor is. If you did not complete the Alaska Master Gardener Online course, please contact your instructor for their volunteer guidelines.

J.W. Matthews Volunteer Award

As a volunteer for Cooperative Extension Service, you are eligible to apply for the J.W. Matthews Volunteer Award. This award can be used for travel to attend a conference that enhances your volunteer credentials. Annual application deadlines to apply for this award are February 1 andáAugust 1.

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