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Junior Market Livestock 4-H Club Annual Meeting (Jan. 23 at 6:30 pm)

The Annual Junior Market Livestock Meeting will be held on January 23rd at the Cook Inlet Aquaculture Association Building.  The meeting will begin at 6:30 PM.  Everyone interested in the Junior Market Livestock Club is invited!

For more info. about the meeting (click here).

For more info. about the Jr. Market Livestock Club and 4-H (click here).

For a map to the Cook Inlet Aquaculture Assoc. Bldg. (click here).

Seed Starting and Transplanting

With temperatures still dipping below zero, it may seem a little early to start thinking about planting your next garden.  However, it is never to early to have a plan.  There are many plants that can be added to your garden that you can start yourself from seed and then transplant later.  (Click here for more information) 

For a list of upcoming classes/workshops on seed starting and transplanting please visit the following link (Seed Starting and Transplanting Workshops).

To order an informational video from the UAF Cooperative Extension Service on Seed Starting please refer the following link (Seed Starting Video).

Crop Protection and Pest Management (CPPM)

Basic Home Weatherization (Video)

Get Back on Track after the Holidays

Spruce Needle Aphids

Mastering Money Management

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