Pesticide Safety Education Program

Certified Pesticide Applicator Training Sessions for 2014 are over for the season, however self study is always available.  Testing by proctors can be arranged with either the DEC or your local CES office.

Certification is required by law for individuals engaged in the following practices:

1.  Purchase, use or sale of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) restricted use pesticides (RUP).
2. Use or supervise the use of an EPA general or RUP for commercial purposes (for hire).
3. Apply pesticides to someone else’s property.
4. Consult or advise about pesticides.
5.  Use or supervise the use of pesticides at a public place, such as a school, common area of an apartment building or government office, parks, or public sports field, unless it is an antimicrobial.
6. Satisfy the requirements of a pesticide permit.

Course cost is $30.00 fee per participant plus additional fees per category for training materials.
Materials can be picked up at your local Cooperative Extension District Offices.

Questions concerning your category of certification should be directed to the Division of Environmental Health Pesticide Program's website or by
calling 1-800-478-2577 or 376-1870.



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