February 2017

Feb. 18

Hands-on History of Sourdough
9 a.m., Room 201 Reichardt Building

Connect to chemistry, biology and Alaska history through the age-old tradition of sourdough. Workshop participants will learn to make and care for their own sourdough starter from retired UAF nutrition educator Marsha Munsell. Participants will receive sourdough starter passed down from the late Lola Tilly, home economics professor from 1929 to 1963.

sourdough starter
"Ferment after four days" by Jim Champion is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
Feb. 11

Blue and Gold Gala
6 p.m., Carlson Center
Join us for an elegant evening with fine dining and live music by Pamyua, celebrating UAF's first 100 years and our distinguished honorees.

January 2017

Jan. 31

'The Almost Forgotten Earthquake'
Assistant Professor Carl Tape, UAF
7 p.m., Raven Landing
On Aug. 27, 1904, seismic stations from around the globe recorded a magnitude 7.3 earthquake in central Alaska. Tape shares new insights at this kick-off event in the Science for Alaska lecture series.

Dec. 31, 2016 - New Year's Eve Centennial Kick-Off Video

Happy New Year to you and happy centennial to us!

All of us at the University of Alaska Fairbanks wish you the best for 2017!

July 6, 2015 - Rededicating the cornerstone

Hundreds of people, including state, university and community leaders, joined University of Alaska Fairbanks Chancellor Brian Rogers on July 6 to conduct a blessing at Troth Yeddha' Park, future home of an indigenous studies center, and to rededicate our cornerstone on the centennial of its establishment in 1915. The events commemorated UAF's rich history and welcomed our next 100 years.

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History cast in stone

Imagine an object that has lasted a hundred years. A big object, made of stone. Too heavy to move by hand, it's weathered and worn. Bits of its facade have crumbled away. The metal surface of its plaque has rusted and discolored.

Certainly this item has a story, or many, to tell. More...

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