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Yang, Daqing -- 1999 -- Assistant Professor (1999), INE/WERC. Xinjiang University '81, B.A. Hehai University '84, M.S.; Academy of Sciences, Lanchou '88, Ph.D.

Zamzow, Eva—1995—Fiscal Officer (1995), SOM. Northern Arizona University ’91, B.S.
Zanazzo, Linda—1991—Senior Property Manager, Real Estate (1996), FS/VCAS.
Zhang, Shunpu—1997—Assistant Professor of Statistics (1997), CSEM. Zhejiang Normal University ’82, B.S.; University of Science and Technology of China ’90, M.S.; University of Alberta ’97, Ph.D.
Zhanyana, Guo—1991—Research Associate (1991), SFOS/IMS.
Zhou, Wei (Wendy) -- 2001 -- Assistant Professor of Geological Engineering, 2001; China Geology University '84 B. S.; University of Alaska Fairbanks '97, M.S.; University of Missouri - Rolla '01, Ph.D.

Zilberkant, Eduard—1997—Associate Professor of Piano (2001) and Interim Director, Fairbanks Symphony Orchestra (2001), CLA. Bowling Green State University ’87, B.M.; ’89, M.M.; University of Michigan ’87, B.A.; Bowling Green State Ohio ’89, M.A.; Freiburg Musik Hochschule ’91, Solisten Diploma; Temple University ’96, D.M.A.

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