Disclosures Can Build Collaborations

June 1, 2020


Individual disclosures are sometimes more valuable when combined with the work of others. 

For example, this year the Center ICE Seed funded an effort to combine pet food supplement work by Fairbanks-based clinical nutrition and exercise physiology professor Trey Coker, with the pollock skin-based pet treat work done by Chris Sannito in Kodiak.

These two entrepreneurs might otherwise have never met, but through independent disclosures and leveraging Center ICE seed funding, they found a collaborative opportunity. The supplement can be used to increase the nutritional value and market opportunity for the finished treats that will be a way to use otherwise wasted fish skins. 

The Office of Intellectual Property and Commercialization examines individual disclosures for opportunities and also to identify possible collaborations among investors and technologies, where one plus one might later be worth three!

Learn more by visiting https://uaf.edu/oipc/disclosure/ or contact uaf-oipc@alaska.edu.