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1999-2000 Catalog

Colleges and Schools

Liberal Arts, College of

John Leipzig, Interim Dean

The College of Liberal Arts provides a broad liberal arts education to UAF students whatever their specialization. Its courses also emphasize writing and oral communication skills and foster an appreciation for the arts through active programs in visual art, music, theater and Alaska Native arts. The College of Liberal Arts provides a variety of courses to satisfy core curriculum requirements for students and aims to increase its international reputation in northern studies. In addition, it offers courses in Russian and Japanese studies in response to increased demand, recognizing Alaska's present and future business relations with the Asian Pacific Rim.

The college sponsors the Alaska Living History series and the Alaska Native Elders Program, which bring men and women to the campus who have helped shape the state of Alaska. The college is organized into 4 divisions, which include: (1) Arts and Communication, with departments of Art, Communication, Journalism/Broadcasting, Music and Theatre; (2) Humanities, with departments of English, Philosophy and Humanities; (3) Languages and Cultures, with departments of Anthropology, Alaska Native Studies and Languages, Foreign Languages and Literatures, Geography and Linguistics; and (4) Social Sciences, with departments of History, Justice, Military Science, Northern Studies, Political Science, Psychology, Social Work and Sociology. The College of Liberal Arts also includes the Alaska Native Language Center, Elderhostel, KUAC public radio and television, Library Sciences, the Rural Alaska Honors Institute and the UAF Honors Program.