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Rural Educator Preparation Partnership

The Rural Educator Preparation Partnership Center (REPP) is committed to increasing the number of Alaska Native educators in Alaska's elementary and secondary schools because of its belief that students learn best from teachers who reflect the students' cultural heritage and their family and community values.

REPP is a statewide collaborative effort involving school districts, Native communities, businesses, education professionals and the University of Alaska. This partnership will improve the recruitment and training opportunities for Alaska Natives interested in becoming teachers or school administrators.

REPP teacher candidates will work with both district master teachers and university faculty. District master teachers will serve as mentor partners to the teacher candidates, and university faculty will work with the teacher candidate and the district master teacher to develop an individual licensure plan and the university degree curriculum content, based upon Alaska state teacher standards. For more information, contact the Rural Educator Preparation Partnership office at 206 Eielson Building or call (907) 474-5589.