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1999-2000 Catalog

Research Institutes and Centers


Juneau Center, School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences

The Juneau Center was established in 1987, from the fisheries portion of the former School of Fisheries and Science of the University of Alaska Southeast. At that time, the program became part of the UAF School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences, with an emphasis on graduate education and research.

Research programs currently include association of primary production with recruitment of marine fish and invertebrates, aging and growth of larval fish and invertebrates, pathology of finfish and invertebrates, aquaculture of salmon and seaweeds, genetic improvement of salmon brood stocks, molecular genetic stock separation techniques, climatic influences on fishing, population dynamics and management of commercially important fish and invertebrates, ecology and behavior of marine mammals, and hydroacoustic stock estimation.

The Juneau Center is located on the shores of Auke Bay, near the National Marine Fisheries Service Laboratory approximately 12 miles north of Juneau. Research facilities include both freshwater and seawater wet labs, a walk-in freezer and cold room, and modern computer labs. The center cooperatively operates a research salmon hatchery located on Auke Creek with the National Marine Fisheries Service.