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1999-2000 Catalog

Research Institutes and Centers


Northern Engineering, Institute of

The Institute of Northern Engineering (INE) is composed of three divisions: the Water Research Center, the Transportation Research Center, the Engineering Research Center and Laboratory and an Energy Center. Its objective is to provide the faculty and students with research opportunities and facilities. Research is conducted in atmospheric, civil, electrical, environmental, mechanical and transportation engineering and in such areas as DNA chemistry, mathematics, fish habitats and topography. Many INE projects have a special focus on cold region problems as well as water-related problems that occur in Alaska and other northern areas. Many of the active research programs also have regional, national or international scope. INE is a member of the Automotive Research Center, a U.S. Army national center of excellence in modeling and simulation of ground vehicles.

External grants and research support approach $2.5 million annually. Most of INE's researchers are also full-time faculty in undergraduate and graduate degree programs, so results of their research reach the classroom quickly to benefit all Alaskans.

Through cooperation with other research groups, a diverse interdisciplinary team has been formed for tackling difficult problems. This environment provides graduate students with an extensive hands-on experience, making them particularly valuable to future employers.