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1999-2000 Catalog

Research Institutes and Centers


Cross-Cultural Studies, Center for

Established in 1971, the center is a research and development unit administered by the College of Liberal Arts. It promotes programs that concentrate on the needs of Alaska's indigenous societies, with particular regard to educational needs and issues of rural Alaska.

Objectives of the center are to offer academic degree programs and course work in cross-cultural studies, design and conduct basic and applied research projects; develop, conduct and evaluate alternative educational strategies for Alaska schools; and disseminate findings on current Alaska research in education and rural community development. Indigenous knowledge resources are made available through the Alaska Native Knowledge Network (www.ankn.uaf.edu) to provide technical assistance and information to school districts, social service agencies, Native corporations, tribal governments, community colleges and state and federal agencies in rural Alaska; to provide direction for improving educational and professional development opportunities for rural Alaskans; and to provide a forum for renewing cross-cultural and indigenous education and community development programs.