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1999-2000 Catalog

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Medical Technology

University of Alaska Fairbanks/
University of Washington
Cooperative Program
(907) 474-6396

For students interested in pursuing a B.S. degree in medical technology, UAF offers a program in cooperation with University of Washington. Students enrolled in this program complete the first four semesters of their program at UAF, then apply for acceptance into the professional phase of the medical technology program at the University of Washington for an additional seven semesters. Up to four Alaska resident students will be accepted into the professional phase each year, if they qualify for admittance to the program. A B.S. degree is granted from University of Washington at the completion of the program.

While at UAF, students complete 60 semester credits with a GPA of 3.0, to include BIOL 105X, BIOL 106X, CHEM 105X, CHEM 106X, MATH 271 and MATH 272X).

For further information on the baccalaureate medical technology program, please contact the UAF Academic Advising Center.