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1999-2000 Catalog

Degrees and Programs


College of Liberal Arts
Linguistics Program
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Degree: B.A.

Minimum Requirements for Degree: 120 credits

Linguistics is the scientific study of language and covers a variety of subjects from theories of grammar and how we produce language to applications of linguistic knowledge in areas such as language teaching. The program offers undergraduate courses and seeks to give an overview of the discipline to make students aware of the many aspects of that uniquely human phenomenon, anguage.

Undergraduate Program


Linguistics -- B.A. Degree

  1. Complete the general university requirements.
  2. Complete the B.A. degree requirements.
  3. Complete the following program (major) requirements:
    1. Complete the following background-related requirements:**
      Foreign or Native language (4 semesters or equivalent) and a second language (2 semesters).*** (12-16 credits)
      LING 101 -- Nature of Language (3 credits)
    2. Complete the following:*
      LING 318 -- Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology (3 credits)
      LING 320 -- Introduction to Syntax and Morphology (3 credits)
      LING 430 -- Historical Linguistics (3 credits)
      LING 482 -- Seminar in Linguistics (3 credits)
    3. Complete 6 of the following:*
      ANL 315 -- Alaska Native Languages: Eskimo-Aleut (3 credits)
      ANL 316 -- Alaska Native Languages: Indian Languages (3 credits)
      ANS 320W -- Language and Culture: Applications of Alaska (3 credits)
      ANTH/WMS 308W,O -- Language and Gender (3 credits)
      COMM 320 -- Communication and Language (3 credits)
      ENGL 462 -- Applied English Linguistics (3 credits)
      ENGL 472 -- History of the English Language (3 credits)
      LING 216 -- Languages of the World (3 credits)
      LING/ED 303W,O -- Language Acquisition (3 credits)
      LING 340W -- Aspects of Bilingualism (3 credits)
      LING 410O -- Theory and Methods of Second Language Teaching (3 credits)
      LING 420 -- Semantics (3 credits)
      LING 431 -- Field Methods in Descriptive Linguistics (3 credits)
      LING 450O -- Language, Policy and Planning (3 credits)
  4. Minimum credits required (120 credits)


  1. Complete LING electives.**** (15 credits)
  2. Minimum credits required (15 credits)

* Student must earn a "C" grade or better in each course.

**Where appropriate, these courses may be counted toward fulfillment of core requirements or B.A. degree requirements, but not both.

*** It is recommended that at least one of the languages be other than an Indo-European language.

**** Three of these credits may be from related courses in other departments listed in the linguistics major under 3c.