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1999-2000 Catalog

Degrees and Programs

Athletic Coaching

College of Liberal Arts
Department of Physical Education and Exercise Science
(907) 474-7382

Minor only

The athletic coaching minor is available for students more interested in coaching athletic teams, in schools or communities, than in the more general discipline of physical education.

Undergraduate Program


  1. Complete the following:
    PE 411 -- Sport and Physical Activity in Today's World (3 credits)
    PE 412 -- Principles and Problems in Athletic Coaching (3 credits)
    PE 421 -- Physiology of Exercise (4 credits)
    PE 432 -- Biomechanics of Human Performance (4 credits)
    PE 440 -- Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries (3 credits)
  2. Complete approved courses which develop competency in the area selected for coaching (3 credits)
  3. Minimum credits required (20 credits)

Note: This minor is not available with a physical education major.