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Residence Life

Single student housing

You are embarking on one of the great adventures of your life. At UAF, Residence Life is an important part of your total educational experience. The community you live in will help foster close friendships and academic achievement and develop individual leadership ability as well as provide avenues for personal growth.

Our Residence Life program is designed to offer you a comfortable, energetic environment in which to live and learn. Our residence halls have recently undergone a $20 million renovation. These newly renovated buildings are some of the best in the state and are the only residence halls in the nation that boast a view of the Alaska Range and Mount McKinley -- Denali -- the highest peak in North America.

No matter what your interests, UAF offers residential environments to meet your needs. Living/learning options include: coed buildings by floor, coed buildings by suites, small community atmospheres for rural Alaskans, apartment style options, single rooms, healthy lifestyle environments, substance free environments, quiet lifestyle environments and first year experience environments. All of our residence halls are smoke free.

Residence hall students have fewer worries, more time and all the conveniences of home within walking distance to class. Consider some of the benefits of living in our residence halls:

  • 30 channel cable television service at no charge
  • Local telephone service at no charge
  • Free computer ethernet connections
  • Free laundry facilities provided on site
  • Trained staff on call every night (24 hours)
  • And there's always something to do: 400+ programs are offered each year

Who is Eligible?

All UAF students are eligible for campus housing but you aren't guaranteed housing until approved by the Department of Residence Life. To better manage occupancy, Residence Life may establish occupancy priorities and eligibility/credit hour requirements.

What is the Application Process?

An application for on campus housing will be sent to you upon request or can be found in the UAF Trail Guide. Please complete the Application/Agreement and return it with $250 ($225 damage/reservation deposit, $25 non-refundable application fee) to: Department of Residence Life, P.O. Box 756860, Fairbanks, Alaska 99775-6860. Upon acceptance, a written confirmation and a receipt for your deposit will be sent to you.

What are the Costs?

On campus costs are very comparable to off campus living costs. This is especially true once the free amenities -- telephone service, cable television, computer connections and laundry facilities are added in. Along with all other fees, residential fees (room and board) are due in full at registration. Current semester charges range from $1,175 - $1,250 per person for double occupancy, $1,450 per person for single occupancy and $1,320 per person for shared apartments. Board plan costs are $1,050 per semester. All room and board costs are subject to change. If rates increase after a student applies, students with accepted agreements will be given the opportunity to withdraw their application without penalty (less application fee).

What if I Cancel my Agreement?

After July 1, students are expected to live on campus and pay appropriate housing fees for their reserved space. Students who fail to occupy their reserved space by the first day of classes or cancel their reserved space after July 1 will be assessed a fee equal to 25 percent of the appropriate charge and forfeit their deposit.

On-campus housing agreements are for the academic year, which means that students living on campus for the fall semester are obligated to live on campus for the remainder of the academic year, so long as they are UAF students. Exceptions may be granted for the conditions listed under the "termination/forfeits" section of the agreement.

Room charges and refunds will be processed according to the following schedule:

Withdrawal Period Refund Amount
July 1 through class day 5 75 percent of semester housing charge
Class days 6-15 50 percent of semester housing charge
Class days 16-30 25 percent of semester housing charge
Beyond 30 class days No refund will be issued

Board plans will be refunded based on a weekly prorated schedule less an additional $75 administration fee.

Damage/reservation deposits will be carried forward to subsequent academic years for students with agreements. Deposits will be forfeited for several reasons, including but not limited to: 1) failure to complete proper check-in by 9 a.m. on the first day of classes; 2) termination of occupancy during the first 60 days after the official hall opening; 3) canceling room reservations after July 1; and 4) failure to properly check out of the room or apartment. Please refer to the residence hall agreement for other specific regulations.

What About Food Service?

University food service is provided by a private contractor. All residence hall students are required to participate in the meal plan program. Meals are served in the newly renovated Lola Tilly Commons located on the lower part of campus. Although food service in the Lola Tilly Commons is not available during winter or spring break, other food service locations are open on a limited basis.

Students may choose from among several meal plans. Many have additional "Nanook Cash" which can be used to make purchases at any food service establishment on campus. Other meal plan options may be available in fall 2000. If you don't live on campus, you may still purchase a meal plan from our office. Please stop by the Department of Residence Life located in the Moore-Bartlett-Skarland Complex with any questions you may have.

What are the Halls and Rooms Like?

Every residence hall has common areas designed to help foster academic and personal growth. These areas include recreation lounges, study lounges, small kitchens and laundry facilities. Recreational lounges typically have couches, tables, chairs and pool tables or ping-pong tables. Most lounges also have large screen television sets. Hall kitchens generally include a range/oven, microwave, sink and table and chairs. Kitchens are intended for preparation of snacks and are not designed for food preparation to replace the university meal plan.

All student rooms have ethernet computer connections, local phone service and cable television service. Each student needs to furnish their own linens, blankets, pillows, towels and telephone. Custodial service is provided for all common areas such as hallways, lounges, and centrally located bathrooms.

May I Stay in my Room during Vacation Periods?

All halls are open during Thanksgiving and Spring Break. During the winter break, all halls are closed except one or two halls. All students living on campus in the fall and spring are eligible to remain on campus over the winter break provided they apply and pay the Winter Break fee. Summer housing assignments are made through the Department of Residence Life.

Student family housing

UAF offers a variety of on campus housing to meet the needs of student families. The university owns and maintains 130 apartments on campus, ranging in size from efficiency to four-bedroom units. They are affordable, comfortable and conveniently located near the center of campus.

Who's Eligible for Family Housing?

We give priority to students who are married and accompanied by their spouse, single parents with full legal custody of their children and financially interdependent domestic partners. At least one adult family member must be enrolled as a full-time UAF student. Students planning to be married by the time they move in may still apply. However, students may not sign an occupancy agreement until they present a marriage certificate or obtain financial interdependence approval.

What is the Application Process?

An application for family housing will be mailed to you by Residence Life upon request. All applicants need to be admitted to UAF. Complete the application and return it with a non-refundable application fee of $25. The application is not a guarantee of accommodations, but will provide us with information to help us meet your needs.

We encourage you to return your application as soon as possible. Waiting lists are established on the basis of receipt of application. All apartment preferences are honored on a first-received, first-served basis. Usually, three-and four-bedroom units are in high demand.

What are the Costs?

All on campus student family apartment rental rates include all utilities except telephone. The monthly rates are as follows:

Efficiency $485

One Bedroom $530

Two Bedroom $700

Three Bedroom $820

Four Bedroom $900

Damage/reservation deposits for family housing are $600. Upon acceptance of your assigned apartment, $300 of the deposit is due. The balance of your $600 deposit and your first month's rent is due when you check in. Although your occupancy agreement is for the entire academic year, you may request cancellation of the agreement for spring semester without forfeiting your deposit if you graduate or are not enrolled at UAF. Cancellation requests must be submitted in writing to the Department of Residence Life by Nov. 15. See the cancellation/termination section of your agreement.

What are the Apartments Like?

The Fairbanks campus maintains five apartment complexes: Stuart Hall and Walsh Hall offer one-bedroom apartments (400 square feet), available for couples without children. Harwood Hall offers efficiency apartments (380 square feet) and one- bedroom apartments (470 square feet) which are also available for couples without children. Hess Village offers one bedroom (425 square feet), two-bedroom (720 square feet) and three-bedroom (900 square feet) apartments for families with children. Hess Village also maintains a recreation room for community use. Garden Apartments is a six-plex offering two-bedroom apartments for families. All complexes are equipped with laundry facilities.

Most on-campus apartments are fully furnished and may include ethernet computer connections and basic cable television service. In the future, all of our apartments will be "wired."

Where can I Obtain More Information?

Please contact us at:

Department of Residence Life

P.O. Box 756860

Fairbanks, Alaska 99775-6860

ph. (907) 474-7247

fax (907) 474-6423

e-mail: fyhsg@uaf.edu

On the web: www.uaf.edu/reslife/