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1999-2000 Catalog

UAF Expenses

Tuition and Fees

Other General Fees

Other General Fees (per use unless otherwise indicated)

Certificate, Associate, Baccalaureate or Graduate
Degree Application for Admission $ 35
Credit by Examination fee 40/credit
Duplicate Copy Fee 5/copy
Graduation Application 20 (30 late)
Late Placement and Guidance Test Fee 5
Program Plan Fee 5
Records Duplication Charge 5/document
Reinstatement Fee 35
Textbooks (approximate) 250-600/semester
Thesis Binding Fee 16-22/thesis
Transcript (Official) Fee
Regular Service 5/transcript
Priority Service 10/transcript
Transcript (Unofficial)/Counseling Report Fee (pickup only)
Immediate Service 2/transcript
Overnight Service 1/transcript
Verification of Enrollment 1
All fees are subject to change.

Definitions: Other General Fees

Admission Processing Fee

You must submit a $35 processing fee with your application for admission.

Credit by Examination Fees

You will be charged $40 per credit hour for credit by examination.

Duplicate Copy Fee

If you lose your registration paperwork or your fee statement, there is a $5 charge for replacing it. A duplicate copy of your fee statement may be obtained at the Business Office; duplicate registration forms may be obtained at the Registrar's Office.

Graduation Application Fee

A non-refundable graduation application fee must be paid at the time an application for graduation is filed. The fee is $20 if the application is filed by the published deadline and $30 if the application is filed after that date.

Late Placement and Guidance Test Fee

A fee of $5 is charged for a placement and guidance test taken at an unscheduled time.

Program Plan Fee

The Registrar's Office will provide, without charge, one plan for a schedule of courses leading to a degree for currently enrolled degree students with a declared major. A second program plan will be provided for $5.

Records Duplication Charge

You may obtain copies of documents in your file in the Registrar's Office (excluding transcripts from any school) if time permits, by making a written request, for a cost of $5 per document. These copies are unofficial and bear a statement to that effect. Mailing copies of documents provided through this service is not available.

Reinstatement Fee

If you don't meet registration requirements and fail to have an approved leave of absence on file, you may request reinstatement from the dean of the Graduate School. There will be a $35 fee assessed for all rein-statements granted.


You can expect to pay up to $325 per semester for textbooks.

Thesis Binding Fee

A $16 to $22 fee is charged for each copy of the graduate thesis that will be hard bound, including the two copies that go to the UAF Rasmuson Library. This fee is paid when the thesis is submitted to the Graduate School. Fees may also be assessed to cover microfilming, copyright, map pockets or postage.

Transcript (Official) Fee

Official transcripts of UAF academic records are prepared for a fee of $5 for each copy. Normal processing time is two weeks; however, at the end of a semester or at other times during the year, you should allow four weeks for processing. Requests should be made to the Office of the Registrar.

You may occasionally need transcripts sooner than one can be produced through regular processing. For a $10 fee, paid when the request is made, a transcript will be prepared as soon as possible, within 36 hours after the request is made and the fee paid. For each additional copy of the transcript made from the same request, a $5 fee is charged. Therefore, when you need priority service for two transcripts, the fee is $15. All requests for transcripts must be submitted in writing. Information to be included in the request includes dates and places of attendance, social security number, date of birth, current phone number and address.

Transcript (Unofficial)/Counseling Report Fee

If you wish an unofficial copy of your academic records in either a transcript or counseling report format, you may request a copy for pickup at the Registrar's Office. If you need a copy immediately, there is a $2 fee. Overnight service is $1 per copy. These unofficial records are printed on plain paper and are used for academic advising. The unofficial transcripts or counseling reports are available for pickup only.

Verification of Enrollment Fee

If you need written verification of your enrollment for the current semester for insurance, loan, scholarship or other purposes, you may request one from the Office of the Registrar for a fee of $1.