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1999-2000 Catalog

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Arctic Skills

ARSK 119 (6 Credits) Fall, Spring
EMT: Emergency Medical Technician I (5+3)
(Cross-listed with EMS 119)
Techniques to administer lifesaving first aid and operate an ambulance. Upon successful completion of this course, the student will meet the Alaska requirements for certification as an Emergency Medical Technician. Materials fee: $100.00.

ARSK 313 (3 Credits) Spring
Personal Navigation and Orienteering (2+2)
(Cross-listed with MILS 313)
Study of navigation to enable students to safely work in an outdoor Arctic environment. Emphasis on use of a topographical map and lensatic compass. Students are enabled to navigate by analyzing terrain, using a compass, and using satellite positioning systems. Course consists of classroom instruction and practical application in outdoor environments. Note: Students must have adequate clothing to operate for 1-6 hours in an Arctic environment.