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Alaska Native Studies

ANS 100 (1 Credit) Fall, Spring
Orientation to Native and Rural Student Success at UAF (1+0)
Presentations on time and financial management, test-taking strategies, study techniques, UAF and community resources, GPA calculation, UAF catalog information, core requirements, goal setting and personal choices. Provides students with the information and skills necessary for a successful UAF experience. Instruction by the staff of Rural Student Services. Native leaders will be invited as regular guest speakers.

ANS 101 (3 Credits) As Demand Warrants
Introduction to Alaska Native Studies (3+0)
Introductory information on the Alaska Native Community. Overview of significant Native issues. Review of pertinent literature and resources.

ANS 102 (2 Credits) Fall, Spring
Orientation to Alaska Native Education (2+0)
(Cross-listed with ED 102)
A seminar in issues related to Alaska Native and rural education. Through weekly meetings held both on campus and in Fairbanks schools, students examine and discuss issues with Alaska Native educators on topics related specifically to rural and urban Alaska Native education. Issues include: Native ways of knowing, local control, curriculum development for small/multi-graded/rural schools, cultural differences in teaching and learning and bilingual programs. (Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.)

ANS 103 (1 Credit) As Demand Warrants
Beginning Eskimo Dance (1+2)
Teaching of traditional and contemporary Yup'ik Eskimo dance through the means of singing, drumming, and motions of the stage. In-depth analysis of each song and its relation to contemporary and traditional cultural lifestyles. (Not offered on the Fairbanks campus.)

ANS 110 (1 Credit) As Demand Warrants
Parliamentary Procedures (1+0)
(Cross-listed with PS 110)
Rules and principles of parliamentary procedure and application to group decision-making processes.

ANS 160 (1 Credit) Fall
Alaska Native Dance (2+0) h
Traditional Native Alaskan dancing, singing, and drumming of songs from Alaska's major indigenous groups taught by guest Native elders and dancers. If sufficient interest, a dance group will be assembled using class members for spring presentation primarily in the Fairbanks area, including the Festival of Native Arts.

ANS 161 (3 Credits) Fall
Introduction to Alaska Native Performance (2+3) h
(Cross-listed with THR 161)
For Native and non-Native students with no prior acting or theatre experience. Includes both academic and practical components to examine traditional Alaska Native theatre mythology, ritual, ceremony and performance methods. Application of exercises and developmental scenes drawn from the Alaska Native heritage.

ANS 220 (3 Credits) Fall
Cross-Cultural Communication (3+0) s
The phenomena of culturally-organized thought processes. Communication patterns resulting from the interaction of peoples from different linguistic/culture traditions in modern institutional settings. Special attention to Alaskan Native and non-Native communication patterns.

ANS 242 (3 Credits) Fall, Spring
Native Cultures of Alaska (3+0) s
(Cross-listed with ANTH 242)
The traditional Aleut, Eskimo, and Indian (Athabaskan and Tlingit) cultures of Alaska. Eskimo and Indian cultures in Canada. Linguistic and cultural groupings, population changes, subsistence patterns, social organization and religion in terms of local ecology. Pre-contact interaction between groups. Also available via Independent Learning. Materials fee: $15.00

ANS 250 (3 Credits) Fall, Spring
Current Alaska Native Leadership Perspectives (3+0) s
Prominent leaders in the Native community are brought into direct classroom contact with students to discuss important issues in rural Alaska and the larger Native community.

ANS 251 (1 - 3 Credits) Fall, Spring
Practicum in Native Cultural Expression (0+variable)
Provides individual supervised activities in the formal organization, promotion, and expression of Alaskan Native cultural heritage. May be repeated to a maximum of 3 credits. (Prerequisite: Permission of the department head.)

ANS 268 (3 Credits) Fall, Spring
Beginning Native Art Studio (1+4) h
(Cross-listed with ART 268)
Understanding and applying the traditional designs and technologies of Native art. Materials fee: $25.00. (Prerequisite: ART 105 or permission of instructor.)

ANS 275 (3 Credits) As Demand Warrants
Yup'ik Practices in Spirituality and Philosophy (3+0) h
Exploration of the processes in Yup'ik natural religion and the underlying philosophy that is the basis for Yup'ik existence in the spiritual realm. Wholeness of Yup'ik existence as it integrates into the western religion and philosophy.

ANS 300W (3 Credits) As Demand Warrants
Alaska Native Writers Workshop (3+0) h
Rhetorical methods of creative expression of the Alaska Native experience. Emphasis on the student's development of expressive abilities in a variety of Native and Western forms. Publication of student work a possibility. (Prerequisite: ENGL 111 and permission of instructor.)

ANS 310 (3 Credits) Fall
The Alaska Native Lands Settlement (3+0) s
Native corporation goals and methods as they implement the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act and establish themselves within the larger political economy. (Prerequisites: ANTH 242 or PS 263 or HIST 110; ECON 101, 137; or permission of instructor.)

ANS 315 (3 Credits) Alternate Spring
Tribal People and Development (3+0) s
(Cross-listed with RD 315)
Impact of socioeconomic development processes on tribal peoples in third and fourth world societies. Implications of these processes for Alaska Native people. (Prerequisite: Junior standing or permission of the instructor. Next offered 1999 - 2000.)

ANS 320W (3 Credits) Spring
Language and Culture: Applications of Alaska (3+0) s
(Cross-listed with ANTH 320)
Language, ethnicity, and their interrelationships. Communicating ethnic identity. Patterns of language use which affect communication between ethnic groups. Applicability of these concepts to Native/non-Native communication patterns. Materials fee: $5.00.

ANS 325 (3 Credits) Alternate Spring
Native Self Government (3+0) s
(Cross-listed with PS 325)
Indigenous political systems, customary law and justice in Alaska emphasizing the organization of Native governance under federal Indian Law and Alaska state-chartered local government. Comparisons between Alaska Native political development and those of tribes in the contiguous 48 states and northern hemisphere tribal people. (Prerequisites: HIST 110, PS 263. Next offered: 1999 - 2000.)

ANS 330 (1 - 3 Credits) As Demand Warrants
Yup'ik Parenting and Child Development (1 - 3+0) h
Processes, methods, and evaluation of Yup'ik child rearing including how it is affected by other cultures and how these can be integrated into the process. Only offered at Kuskokwim Campus. (Prerequisite: PSY 240 or permission of instructor.)

ANS 340 (3 Credits) Fall
Contemporary Native American Literature (3+0) h
(Cross-listed with ENGL 340)
Contemporary Native American writing in English, including novels, short stories, poetry, and plays. Examples of Native American film when related to a writing. Works discussed in relation to cultural contexts and interpretations. (Prerequisite: ENGL 111 or permission of instructor.)

ANS 349 (3 Credits) Fall
Narrative Art of Alaska Native Peoples (in English Translation) (3+0) h
(Cross-listed with ENGL 349)
Traditional and historical tales by Aleut, Eskimo, Athabaskan, Eyak, Tlingit, Haida, and Tsimshian storytellers. Bibliography, Alaska Native genres and viewpoints, and structural and thematic features of tales. (Prerequisite: ENGL 111 or permission of instructor.)

ANS 351 (1 - 3 Credits) Fall, Spring
Practicum in Native Cultural Expression (0+variable)
Individual supervised activities in advanced organization, promotion, and expression of Alaskan Native cultural heritage projects (Festival of Native Arts leadership, Tuma Theatre, Theata magazine, etc.) Continuation of ANS 251. (Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.)

ANS 360 (1 Credit) Spring
Advanced Native Dance (0+2) h
Advanced techniques with emphasis on the cultural meanings of the dance performance. (Prerequisite: ANS 160 or permission of instructor.)

ANS 361 (3 Credits) Spring
Advanced Alaska Native Performance (2+3) h
(Cross-listed with THR 361)
In-depth study of Alaska Native theatre techniques and tradition, including traditional dance, song and drumming techniques, mask characterizations and performance application and presentation of a workshop production developed by the students during the semester. (Prerequisite: ANS/THR 161.)

ANS 365 (3 Credits) Fall
Native Art of Alaska (3+0) h
(Cross-listed with ART 365 and ANTH 365)
Art forms of the Eskimo, Indian and Aleut from prehistory to the present. Changes in forms through the centuries. (Prerequisite: Advanced standing or permission of the instructor.)

ANS 366 (3 Credits) Alternate Spring
Northwest Coast Indian Art (3+0) h
(Cross-listed with ANTH 366 and ART 366)
Arts of the Northwest Coast Indians and the place of the art in their culture. (Next offered: 1999 - 2000.)

ANS 367 (3 Credits) Alternate Spring
Eskimo Art (3+0) h
(Cross-listed with ART 367 and ANTH 367)
Eskimo art from Alaska, Canada and Siberia beginning with the earliest known pieces to the beginning of the 20th century. (Next offered: 1999 - 2000.)

ANS 368 (3 Credits) Fall, Spring
Intermediate Native Art Studio (1+4) h
(Cross-listed with ART 368)
Understanding and applying advanced traditional designs and technologies of Native art. Materials fee: $25.00. (Prerequisite: ART 268 or permission of instructor.)

ANS 370 (1 Credit) As Demand Warrants
Issues in Alaska Bilingual and Multicultural Education (1+0)
(Cross-listed with ED 370)
Current issues related to Alaska bilingual and multicultural education. Students must attend all three days of the annual Alaska Bilingual/Multicultural Education and Equity Conference and write a paper reflecting on how they will use information gained from the conference in their own multicultural education context. Course may be repeated for credit since the content of the conference changes each year. (Prerequisites: Prior coursework at the lower-division level.)

ANS 375 (3 Credits) Alternate Spring
Native American Religion and Philosophy (3+0) h
Philosophical aspects of Native American world views. Systems of belief and knowledge, explanations of natural phenomena, relations of humans to natural environment through ritual and ceremonial observances. (Recommended: PHIL 201. Next offered: 1999 - 2000.)

ANS 381W (3 Credits) Spring
Alaska Natives in Film (1.5+2 - 4) h
Analysis of the portrayal of Alaska's Inupiaq and Yup'ik peoples (with some on Canada's Inuit) through select films and readings. Learning to critically analyze films and understanding how various film techniques are accomplished while focusing on feature films' treatment and use of northern peoples in film, as well as looking at the social impact of such films. (Prerequisite: ENGL 111X, 211X or 213X or 212. ART/MUS/THR 200X also highly recommended.)

ANS 401 (3 Credits) Fall, Spring
Cultural Knowledge of Native Elders (3+0) h
(Cross-listed with RD 401)
Study with prominent Native tradition-bearers in Native philosophies, values, and oral traditions. Traditional knowledge elicited through the cultural heritage documentation process. (Prerequisites: HIST 110, ANTH 242 and upper division standing.)

ANS 420 (3 Credits) Fall
Alaska Native Education (3+0) s
(Cross-listed with ED 420)
School systems historically serving Native people, current efforts toward local control, and the cross cultural nature of this education. (Prerequisite: ANTH 242 or HIST 110; or permission of instructor.)

ANS 425 (3 Credits) Fall
Federal Indian Law and Alaska Natives (3+0) s
(Cross-listed with PS 425)
The "special relationship" between the federal government and Native Americans based on land transactions and recognition of tribal sovereignty. Federal Indian law and policy evolving from this relationship. Legal rights and status of Alaska Natives. (Prerequisites: PS 101 and HIST 110; or permission of instructor; PS 263 is recommended.)

ANS 450 (3 Credits) Alternate Spring
Comparative Aboriginal Rights and Policies (3+0) s
(Cross-listed with PS 450)
A case-study approach in assessing Aboriginal Rights and Policies in different Nation-State Systems. Seven Aboriginal situations examined for factors promoting or limiting self-determination. (Prerequisite: Upper division standing or instructor's permission. Next offered: 1999 - 2000.)

ANS 461 (3 Credits) Spring
Native Ways of Knowing (3+0) h
(Cross-listed with ED 461)
Focus on how culture and world view shape who we are and influence the way we come to know the world around us. Emphasis on Alaska Native knowledge systems and ways of knowing. (Prerequisite: Upper division standing.)

ANS 468 (3 Credits) Fall, Spring
Advanced Native Art Studio (1+4) h
(Cross-listed with ART 468)
Advanced traditional designs and technologies of Native art. Use of contemporary materials to interpret traditional forms. Materials fee: $25.00. (Prerequisite: ART 368 or permission of instructor.)

ANS 472W (3 Credits) As Demand Warrants
Rural Alaska, Natives and the Press (1.5+1.5 - 4) h
Analysis of the historical role rural Alaska and Alaska Natives have played in the statewide press, including Native and non-Native journalists/publishers and their impact on Alaska history and the public mind. Analysis of the rural press, portrayal of rural Alaska in the urban press and the role of cultural journalism. (Prerequisite: ENGL 211X or 213X or permission of the instructor.)

ANS 475 (3 Credits) Spring
Alaska Native Social Change (3+0) s
Tradition and change in Native social institutions in contemporary society. Methods of identifying and analyzing significant Native social change processes for public understanding. (Prerequisite: ANTH 242 or permission of the instructor.)